Benefits Of Coffee To Win Muscle

It is a tradition of many generations to have a cup of coffee in the morning, perhaps because of its rich aroma and flavor, or because of its revitalizing effect on the body. But this popular fruit also contains antioxidant properties that provide the body with weapons necessary to fight against cellular oxidation, helps eliminate toxins and also strengthens our immune system, benefits that add to the usual stimulating effect it exerts on our body thanks to its caffeine content

However, there has always been some controversy about supposed harmful effects of coffee, but associated with excessive consumption and in the long term, although it is important to assess whether such claims are based on scientifically proven arguments or only beliefs that arose from isolated cases of adverse effects attributed to their use.


An experienced nutritionist and student of the effects of coffee, Ori Hofmekler, states that coffee brings many benefits to our body and that even outweigh the harmful effects of its excess consumption. But, Hofmekler, who also has written several books on nutrition and exercise, warns that the body gets a better use of coffee, if it is ingested without supplements, such as sugar, milk, etc.

Now, in addition to the contributions to the body that are attributed to him, one also hears an insistent talk about the benefits of coffee to gain muscle when taken before starting each daily training session.

Perhaps it may seem a little out of logic statement, because coffee does not provide any kind of protein to the body, apart from its minute amount of carbohydrates present in its content, but a study published in the International Journal of Nutrition Sports and Metabolism in Exercise, showed that people who consumed caffeine before each session of physical training, achieved an increase in muscle mass and a reduction in body fat of around 15%, compared to another group that was not supplied caffeine.

The athletes studied, consumed 4.5 milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of muscle mass, this means, about 315 milligrams of caffeine for a person with an average weight of 70 kilograms. This amount of caffeine is provided by two cups of coffee, which is the daily amount recommended by specialists.

But, the question remains as to whether coffee was directly responsible for the muscle gain that the study accounts for. The answer is no. Undoubtedly, caffeine provides a thermogenic or fat-burning effect, but the indirect ones responsible for the increase in muscle mass are the benefits that are obtained when consumed one hour before exercise and which are described below:


The intake of caffeine before the training session, is able to inhibit the sensation of muscular pain that causes heavy work in the gym, which allows to optimize the performance.


According to some scientific studies, caffeine achieves a 30% increase in capillary blood flow after the consumption of 150 milliliters of coffee, which translates into a better supply of oxygen to muscle tissue.


Coffee consumption has been associated with increased blood release of the so-called growth factor or neurological factor derived from the brain that allows the development of muscles.

All of the above is assumed as benefits of coffee to gain muscle when taken before daily training. A surprise that many did not expect.
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