Calum Von Moger Look Like Arnold Raises Controversy

Calum Von Moger Is is the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger? Is Arnold is trained him?

 In fact, is not the son of Arnold, and is not trained by Arnold, It's just between the two semi-nothing more, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a legend of the sport of bodybuilding and him Follower in from all over the world and set an example for the players bodybuilder beginners, Many have claimed that Calum von Moger is a son Arnold Schwarzenegger and he is arnold 2.0 , But the legend can't tradition.

Calum von Moger The 25-year-old has gained many followers and this is due to the presence of similarities between him and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Say Calum von moger:
 The first gym I trained at was at the Noble Street gym in Anglesea with my older brother when I was 13. It was old school. We used to grab the key from Turtles’ mailbox and help ourselves at 7:30 at night to train. There was a radio with a tape deck so we could plug in our Discman’s and listen to whatever we wanted. The weights we lifted were old rusty iron dumbbells and barbells and they were measured in pounds. Over summer we would watch Pumping Iron, train, eat cans of tuna and whole chickens from Jums and then hit the beach. It was the best gym to train at and I will never forget it.

Oct 2010 ANB Teenage 19 & under Victorian Bodybuilding Championship 1st place.
May 2011 NABBA Junior International Championships 1st place.
May 2011 NABBA Junior Southern Hemisphere Championships 3rd place.
Jun 2011 WFF Junior Mr. Universe - Superbody 1st place. (Baden, Austria)
May 2013 NABBA Class 1 International Championships 1st place.
May 2013 NABBA Class 1 Southern Hemisphere Championships 3rd place.
June 2013 WFF Universe - Superbody under 35 5th place. (Thessaloniki, Greece)
June 2014 WFF Universe - Extremebody 1st place & overall winner. (Seoul, South Korea).

Photos Calum Von Moger:

Calum Von Moger With Arnold:

Calum Von Moger With Jay Cutler:

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