Weight training in adolescence

It is very normal for children or in this case the Teen want to start training to get stronger as their heroes on television, but we are always in doubt , when is the best time to start training in the gym? .
The truth is that children can gain from age 8. However you can get more out of puberty , just for the great hormone production and thus can gain volume and considerable force. During adolescence, the body secretes more testosterone ( anabolic hormone ) , so it's the right time to build strength and muscle.

There are also many myths that remove our head. One of them is that they still think that if the person who will train has not fully developed and usually moved pesos , the epiphyseal plate is closed prematurely the child's height was limited . It has already been shown that this is not so and that the injury of these plates is very common in teenagers who train with weights.

Then there are parents who believe that this sport injuries appear both ligament and tendons. This is somewhat incorrect because if the proper execution and a weight according to the strength of the practitioner will strengthen both the muscles and tendons , ligaments and bones , so that it decreases the risk of injury used .
However, the teen has two points against very pronounced : youth and daring. Dare is not a defect at all , but when two men get together, nature takes na fight for the leadership and this is when all lesions appear together .

Then we let a guideline to follow for proper physical development of adolescents.

Pick a gym where there is a monitor to the customer .
Always Realize global warming and other work specific muscle .
Perform the exercises with proper execution , which leads to not overdo the weight lifted .
Stretch of 4-6 seconds muscle worked between sets .
More exercise is not always better.
If you train with a partner do not compete to see who rises more . Each has its strength and each will highlight a muscle more than another.
Do not forget to train your legs .
Stretch always at the end of training.
Do caridobasulares .
Eating a diet based on the goals you want to get much help .
Remember that sleep is important for muscle development .

I hope you find it helpful, comment and suggest . And do not forget to share !
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