The properties of the mushroom

Mushrooms contain a very high amount of water ( between 82% and 92% ) and a very low content of carbohydrates and about fats. Have between 1% and 3% carbohydrate on a 1.5 % fat. Therefore it is used in some diets to lose weight, being the staple food for 1 or 2 days in the weekly schedule. It is a food rich in potassium and high in fiber , this produces a greater satiety prevents the onset of constipation and reduce the absorption of cholesterol and toxins .

A food rich in vitamins and minerals
While low in fats and carbohydrates , are quite rich in minerals and vitamins food . Despite having said that mushrooms can be a substitute for animal protein, the protein content of mushrooms is relatively low and does not approach the protein content of meat or fish , medium protein content is similar to vegetables (2% -7%), except when they are dehydrated containing 9%.
Potassium addition , mushrooms contain much phosphorus, which is so necessary in the formation of teeth and bones , it also helps to perform mental activities or keep quiet avoiding stress the body.
However, the most noteworthy is mineral selenium ( 20 mg . Per 100 gr . Weight ) . Selenium plays an important role as an antioxidant , preventing cell degeneration by free radicals , helps maintain testosterone levels and sperm count in men and protects the eggs from free radicals.
Mushrooms are rich in copper, a mineral that helps maintain the immune system, the vascular system and the nervous system in good condition.
Speaking of their vitamin content , mushrooms are rich in B vitamins (B2 and B3).

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  1. I wish there was a list of what species of mushrooms there were in the picture.

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