The most common mistakes and how to fix diet

If you have made ​​good progress with your definition routine , and suddenly everything has stalled.
The scale does not show a decline, the definition of the abs, arms , legs and back , no improvement , and happiness of the achievements disappears.
Surely you will be doing something wrong with the diet that prevents you from getting the desired definition .

By following a diet high in calories and protein and training with as much weight as you can, you will be able to accumulate a good amount of volume and muscle mass. But defining the musculature things change.

By starting with a program definition, is common in the first weeks look at weight reduction and decrease in body mass. But one point that this definition is impossible to stop and see free muscle adiposity arrives.

Then talk about the most common mistakes and how to fix the diet .

1 Too many carbohydrates
In all diet definition is desirable to reduce the intake of carbohydrates so that the body is forced to use fat stores as an energy source , that means that we should not remove it but use it sparingly and judgment, because such abuse end nutrient accumulated as body fat.
We clarify that the typical bodybuilding training requires a large intake of carbohydrates due to hard training that justifies that high consumption of this macronutrient.
You must consider your body weight and level of training intensity , when dividing the intake of carbohydrates , dividing them into five times daily 30-60 grams when seek to eliminate fat. But if the definition you must be stopped gradually reducing the amount of carbohydrates per takes until you begin to lose fat again.
Remember to consume carbohydrates along with some protein to slow its absorption and impact on the production of insulin, which ultimately is the instrument that has the body to store excess carbohydrates in the form of tissue fatty .

2nd You shall not eat carbs at night
At night , the body prepares for rest and reduce metabolic activity. So carbohydrates consumed at night are less likely to be used as fuel and more energy being stored as fat.
What is recommended to include proteins such as poultry or fish accompanied by vegetables and salads rather than pastas or rice, and vegetables that slow the digestion and conversion of starches into simple sugars , avoiding the accumulation of fat.

3rd Start the day the wrong way
Of the five or six meals per day that you must perform , breakfast is where you can afford to give you a taste without increasing the fat in the waist, hips , thighs and back .
Morning glycogen stores in the muscles are lower than at any other time of the day, apart from the time immediately after training, so the metabolic capacity to convert carbohydrates into fat , is interrupted because the priority is fill those tanks.
So billed carbohydrate at breakfast , along with 40-50 grams of quality protein to start the day with the necessary fuel and materials of building muscle and put you do not worry about fat , because the metabolism is accelerated the time and burn more calories than any other point of the day.

4th Too much protein ?
Spend on consumption of carbohydrates can have effects similar to those that occur when they are removed from the system .
Any definition must incorporate diet reduced carbohydrates , offsetting the reduction with increased protein intake , but be careful because if heavy use can also prevent the loss of adipose tissue, increasing calories involved this increase.
That is, if you reduce 500 calories from carbohydrates, but remplazáis 800 from protein , will keep a caloric surplus .
Always keep in mind that if you want to gain weight you will have to consume two grams per kilo of body weight per day , along with "enough " carbs , but if you follow a diet definition you will have to consume between 2.5 to 3 grams per kilo weight per day , along with "a few" carbohydrates.

Never to skip 5th diet
Strict diet continuously leads to stagnation , because the metabolism slows down your metabolic rate , adapts to a continuous and stable caloric intake, adiposity and burning fewer calories to maintain their fat reserves. Also acts a severe diet can I leave you mentally exhausted.
Skip the diet once , including two in the week, eating a meal high in calories not only relieves us mentally, but you will help prevent the body from under preservation , where the metabolic rate is reduced for subsistence , performing all functions hardly expending calories or burn fat. Remember it's just a meal, not all day .

6th Obsessing with weight and balance
It is a mistake to believe in the stereotype that the balance reflects the progress at the time of making a program definition, because the weight does not count in relation to body composition. There are other ways to measure progress , as energy levels and strength , as well as the mirror image .
If you lose weight and you maintain the strength and energy levels , then you will be eliminating fat. If, on the contrary , you feel tired or you notice you that your strength levels decrease and the weight you employ in your training sessions , in addition you will be eliminating muscle tissue. If the weight loss is more than 1.5 Kilos per week and lower energy levels , would indicate that not only you would be losing fat but also muscle mass.

7 Ask cardio too
When set , the cardiovascular activity is very efficient , as well as burn fat, accelerates the metabolic rate during and after exercise.
Too much aerobic exercise activates a mechanism that releases hormones lot of energy to preserve and make these fat cells blocking your energy, reserving it for future needs , so that the body prefers to burn muscle tissue instead of fat . For this reason, it is recommended to do 30-40 minutes of aerobic activity four or five times a week , and so the combustion process is activated and lipid metabolism will speed up , maintain muscle mass and high trainability .

8th Training too during the definition phase
Most begin a program to reduce weight definition exercises and increase the amount of sets and reps and supersets , triseries , etc. . At first you lose weight and definition increases, although not always, but still succeeding , not long to stop and defining muscles look flat .

Actually this type of training is more cardiovascular type that the optimal weight to increase muscle mass. Increasing the amount of work while ingesting carbohydrates first mechanism is to increase the definition is reduced, but soon you will notice a drop in energy levels and strength and especially the empty glycogen stores muscle , by the combination of diet and exercise, your muscles will stay flat , losing not only part of the volume , but also of its definition , cuts and hardness , so that the obtained effect is the opposite.
For a definition program you must let the diet act , that cardio accelerate metabolism and burn fat , while the weights you should continue by all means trying to increase muscle mass and it is not desirable to reduce the weight employed , nor perform excessive low intensity training .

I hope you find it helpful, comment and suggest . And do not forget to share !
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