The importance of the fruit

It is recommended to take 400 grams or 5 servings of fruit a day , but consumption of these foods among the European population is still insufficient. Associating a healthy diet by eating fruits and vegetables is an axiom known by all. Now the theory is one thing and quite another to put it into practice . A report by the European Council Food Information ( EUFIC) has analyzed the factors influencing the consumption of fruit and vegetables in Europe. The study reveals that in Europe are made, on average, diariamante 220 ​​grams of vegetables (including legumes and nuts ) and 166 grams of vegetables. Even so , the intake does not exceed more than 400 grams , including both food recommended by WHO .

Among children , data is even more disturbing because it hardly eat 85 grams of vegetables and fruit 140 grams per day . It is proved that the level of consumption of fruit and vegetables in children depends on their parents teach by example is key. 400 grams or " 5 servings a day " fruit and vegetable The World Health Organization proposed as dietary goal to eat at least 400 grams daily of fruits, vegetables and greens to be indisputable source of nutrients such as vitamins , minerals and trace elements , fiber and a countless variety of phytochemicals, many with antioxidant protective effect. Is widespread in Spain , the expression "5 a day " to remember the importance of eating these foods daily. It insists that it is advisable to take two servings of vegetables and three of fruit, of which at least one should be a fruit rich in vitamin C (oranges , tangerines , strawberries , kiwi , cantaloupe, etc. . ) . However, it should not obsess if you do not get to eat the "5 pieces or servings per day " , since according to the size of the fruit or vegetable (eg, there are apples , pears and tomatoes almost a quarter of a kilo ) is reached without difficulty ingesting 400 grams of vegetables recommended by WHO .
Search the moment ? Breakfast with fruit? There has to be seen as an obligation. If you do not want to eat the fruit right up, you can stop for lunch or a snack. Fruits must pick them seasonal . Thus, in winter , they may crave more fruit compote and roasted , and facing the spring and summer when there is more variety of fruit, like to eat fresh , natural . Always juice ? Not worth always choose juice instead of fruit because its nutrients are not equivalent. The glass of juice, if natural, has twice the sugar and less fiber. This is because generally double the amount of fruit ( two orange ) is used to fill a glass of juice compared to eating a whole piece ( orange).
For those who are recognized by peeling the fruit lazy or can not find the right time to take a moment should be reserved a week to make a colorful and tasty salad with seasonal fruit . Between meals , you only need to open the fridge and serve a good bowl of assorted fresh fruit. A good resolution to eat healthy. Salad for lunch . Shared an entree salad snack leads to ' green ' in the food without making too much effort. It is also a good habit to younger will soon get used to the usual presence of fresh vegetables . Leverage Season to vary the salads is a smart way to eat : in autumn-winter more salads escarole , endive , warm salads mixed with mushrooms and fungi, more energetic with nuts ... and in spring - summer salads lighter colorful and fresh tomatoes, peppers , beets, cucumbers, carrots ... Soups and vegetable puree for dinner. People who notice a feeling of swollen tummy and heaviness after eating lettuce or salad at night instead of not taking these dishes have to change the habit . The advice is to book the salads for lunch and leave for dinner temperate dishes like vegetable soups , creams and stews .

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