The benefits of taking vitamin A

Synonym: axerophthol . It contains a substance called pro - vitamin A ( beta-carotene ) which is transformed in the body into vitamin A.
Natural sources : Vitamin A is found in fish, milk , liver, B -carotene is abut on fresh vegetables (carrots , tomatoes , etc.).
Functions: antioxidant , maintenance of epithelia , light perception ( vision ) , prevents cancer .


Deficiency: infections of the epithelium , loss of visual acuity, night blindness and tumors. If the intake of vitamin E is deficient , vitamin A is not metabolized and the body quickly uses up its stores .
Excess: peeling skin , itching , vomiting , nausea , diarrhea , loss of hair and appetite. The most dangerous effects occurred when the intake is 100.000UI or more for long periods of time, enabling bone fragility , enlargement and deterioration of the liver (hepatomegaly) and blurred vision occur . In nature these doses are practically impossible to achieve as they disappear after several days of massive ingestion suspend . Importantly, vitamin C prevents negative effects of overdose.

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