Sex hormone

Why married men have lower testosterone levels ? Bajan ? Testosterone levels with age? All about the methods to increase testosterone levels .

The most important hormone in men.
Testosterone is considered the quintessential male hormone . Is it responsible to give men the their gender characteristics , responsible for sexual and erectile function . Moreover, the growth of muscle tissue would be impossible without it.

Contrary to what many people believe , testosterone is not related to aggression : prone to be aggressive men with low testosterone levels of cortisol ( stress hormone) and this is because cortisol lowers testosterone levels.

Testosterone and love
Scientific research , dating back to mid-2000 , show that men fall in love with testosterone levels ( 1). This may be a natural defense mechanism that " aid" to the formation of stable couples and procreation.

Interestingly, parenting and child care involve to reduce testosterone levels , however , this happens for a certain period ( 2). After 2 or 3 years into a relationship , levels of this hormone are normalized , allowing "back to the hunt".

Testosterone and age
In " The metabolism after thirty " mentioned that testosterone levels decrease with age , however , this occurs in negligible percentages. The secretion of testosterone at age 35 is only 5% less than 25 years .

A significant decrease in the male hormone is observed after forty years, when the percentage of low secretion by 10 % every five years. By age 50, testosterone levels are only 60 % of the levels of this hormone in a 25 years (3 ) .

Supplements to increase testosterone.
Before thinking about supplements to raise testosterone levels, it is more logical to start consuming vitamins and minerals, without which the lower levels of this hormone . It includes vitamins and minerals in the daily diet , not only will raise these indicators also improve health.

The absence of zinc , magnesium and vitamin D is related to the drop in testosterone levels. The consumption of these minerals help to raise these indicators to normal (average ) figures , however , zinc and magnesium, by themselves , are not able to increase beyond these levels.

The amount of microelements necessary

If we are to speak of doses, then we must keep in mind that a man need daily 10-20 grams of zinc, 400-1000 IU vitamin D and 350 mg of magnesium. Also, consume 2 grams of calcium daily positive impact on testosterone. Calcium is best to consume in cycles ( 2).

A large majority of men worldwide suffer from lack of these micronutrients . For example , if you often have limb spasms , chances are you suffer from lack of magnesium , low immunity and brittle nails are symptoms of a lack of zinc.

7 made of the history of condoms : why only in 1991 advertising censorship was lifted in U.S.Obesity and testosterone

Overweight is one of the factors that lowers testosterone levels , because fatty tissues are capable of converting the male hormone in women . The more overweight you are a man , the higher your estrogen levels and lower testosterone levels ( 4).

High levels of female hormones in males , help support the free fatty acids in blood in adipose tissue , which reduces the risk of a thrombosis . It is clear that women are more prone to fat accumulation and obesity than men.Testosterone and physical activity.

The less fat there is in the body of men, unless you convert testosterone into estrogen ; slender being goes hand in hand with normal hormonal indicators in mhombres . Also, the more higher the levels of testosterone, it will be easier to burn fat .

In regard to strength training , they significantly increase the amounts of testosterone , as the body needs this hormone to "build" and " keep " the muscles. The theory that high levels of testosterone can cause baldness, is a myth without reason.

One easier to normalize the levels of testosterone in the body is corrected methods microelements lack of zinc and magnesium . Also, get rid of overweight and do strength training has a positive effect on the indicators of this hormone.
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