Healthy Tips to Gain Weight

Many people suffer from low weight. Gaining weight and maintain this increase, it may be equally or more frustrating and complicated, I download it.
There are many reasons why it may be difficult to gain weight . Genetics is obviously one of the most important reasons, but can also greatly influence the personality and atmosphere. A naturally fast metabolism is not always the case. For some, it is also often associated with excessive physical activity during the day. For example, those who can never be still, tend to burn more calories than you ingest. Recommendations for weight gain While gaining weight it may be more difficult to lower it, this does not mean it's impossible. But if you must be careful planning, similar to a person who wants to lose weight. To gain 1 kg weight Kcal 7000 extras are needed, which means that in order to gain 1/2 pounds per week, we need 3500 Kcal extras spread over 500 kcal more per day 1 - Keep a record of what you eat Ideally write for about 3 days in detail what you eat, hours, type of food and quantity. This will give you an idea of what to change and how much increase. 

2 - Make regular meals not try to fill with only 2 or 3 meals a day. Ideally, make several small meals. For many there is also the problem that they have little appetite, so plentiful food, probably not want to do more intakes. Ideally perform various intakes, selecting foods with little volume will more calories. 

3 - Always keep hands healthy snacks 

4 - Increase your intake of lean protein is definitely to build muscle you need to increase the amount of protein , but remember that no just about quantity but quality. The proteins of higher quality, are of animal origin, as have all the units your body requires to build muscle mass . Try that are low in fat, since fat associated with animal foods (saturated fats) promotes increased levels of cholesterol . Best sources of protein :

    Skimmed milk and derivatives
    Lean beef
    Fish and seafood
    Chicken and turkey without skin
    Ham and turkey low fat

The plant foods with the highest percentage of protein are legumes and nuts. Soy is the protein plant higher quality, excellent alternative for those who usually consume little meat. Nuts as well as being rich in protein are high in healthy fats and calories, excellent as high energy snacks.

5 - Eat more healthy fats
Healthy fats are mainly from plant sources such as vegetable oils, olives, avocados and nuts.

Forms to include:

    Flaxseed or nuts added to your cereal
    Nuts and snacks combined with fruits or yogurt
    Oils and dressings on salads
    Salads and dishes with avocado
    Smoothies with walnuts or flaxseed
    Sandwich with avocado and olives

6 - Start your day
It has been shown that consumption of protein quality as the egg and milk at breakfast favor increased muscle mass .
Start your day with scrambled eggs or an omelette, accompanied by a fruit smoothie with milk or yogurt and honey.

7 - Hydrate yourself with calories
Fruit juices or milk shakes, plus adding thereto calories give abundant vitamins, minerals and if milk  protein quality.

8 - Avoid drinking lots of fluids with meals
This can easily fill spoiling your appetite

9 - Always add something
Try to always enrich your meals, do not eat simple!!

Ideas to enrich meals:

Milk powder
You can add it to milk or yogurt to increase your calorie and protein intake without increasing the volume of intake. It is also great to add to soups, puree or fruit juices.

Try breaded egg preparations in both plant and meat, also can Agragar soups.

Oils, avocados and olives
In salads and as a garnish

10 - Exercise against resistance
Any exercise you are working against a weight, promotes muscle development. It can be training with weights or the weight of the body, as it can be with pilates, yoga ...

What foods are most unhealthy calories can make them?

Select all who have additional grains like flaxseed, walnuts, oats, wheat germ, pumpkin seeds ...

Everyone with nuts, seeds and dried fruit, granola type, have healthier fat and calories.

The dehydrated fruits provide twice the calories than fresh fruit that easily filled. Use them as snacks ideally mixed with nuts.

Flour and Sweet? Gaining weight?
Gain weight , do not try to eat everything put in front of us. Even thin people can endanger your health if consumed in excess sugar, saturated and trans fats. Also, if you are looking to gain weight eating only fat and sugar is more likely to increase the level of fat in unwanted places.
Ideally increase foods rich in nutrients that will provide a little more calories.

I hope you find it helpful, comment and suggest. And do not forget to share!
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