Food plays a critical role in athletic performance

Power plays a crucial role in athletic performance and body composition . Losculturistas pursuing increase your muscle mass and minimize fat, ensure that nutrition accounts for up to 80% of success in that endeavor.
Therefore, to achieve these objectives it is necessary to feed correctly and select the right foods .

Below we detail some " critical " food for good nutrition and athletic performance.

From a nutritional standpoint , yogurt an excellent food product of high biological value . This enriched with B vitamins and micronutrients such as calcium and phosphorus .
In those whose digestive system lacks the enzyme lactase ( lactose intolerance ) , yogurt is a milk substitute also digested very well. Moreover yogurt has more advantages than the milk in absorbing vitamins. The lactic acid formed improves the assimilation of phosphorus , calcium , potassium and magnesium

The fish is a "crucial" food for its nutritional and protective properties due to marine oils it contains.
Fish is important because it provides proteins. It also contains healthy fats , omega 3 fatty acids, some minerals , especially iodine , zinc, iron , phosphorus , sodium, potassium and selenium.
It also contains vitamin A, B vitamins, including vitamin B12

Chocolate is a food whose ingestion produces feeling of well being in the body because it contains a number of components as euphoric and stimulant phenylethylamine . Besides cocoa is rich in alkaloids, such as caffeine and theobromine . These alkaloids excite the nervous system, making us more active and alert against external stimuli , increase heart rate and promote urination.
Note that the beneficial properties of pure cocoa chocolate comes from , and if this percentage is less than 80 % , the impact will be negative , since the poor quality chocolates contain saturated and trans fats and sugar, among other ingredients .

Apples are a great nutritional package . An apple contains no fat, but plenty of pectin, a fiber that is unique in lowering cholesterol, and a good amount of vitamin C. But besides apples , like chocolate contain flavonoids, these substances are also found in red wine , chocolate , tea and vegetables , which protects the heart .

Coffee can boost mood , improve athletic performance, increase the ability to think , increase the analgesic effects of painkillers and reduce constriction , swollen blood vessels that cause headaches .
Coffee can cause insomnia and heartburn , but only if consumed in large quantities.
Caffeine was associated with pancreatic cancer and heart disease , but the truth is that there is no conclusive evidence that this is so .

Like coffee, tea exerts stimulating effects in the body as that chocolate also contains muscle stimulant called theobromine.
But also reduces the risk of heart disease , cancer, and decreases blood pressure and cholesterol .
He has shown that it can prevent tooth decay.
Most active substances found in green and black tea because the leaves are produced in numerous natural antioxidants.
If you do not like your tea you can find some of these also relevant substances in the cilantro , sage and thyme and tea are nice.

Oat flakes are very heart healthy because natural gums found in the oat grain . Is also one of the few complex carbohydrates as well as vegetables, which is low in starch , and , consequently, it has a very low glycemic index. This index is the one that determines the ability of a food to quickly raise blood sugar.
Most starchy carbohydrates such as rice , potatoes and white bread , elevate glucose excessively. Insulin, which responds to the rise of sugar, low levels of glucose at which transports combustion or tissues for storage as glycogen , but can also convert fat . Controlling insulin release is important to avoid increasing fat weight and health of the pancreas and metabolism.
Rolled oats are heart healthy and contain enough fiber to be considered useful in the prevention of certain cancers , including colon .

Legumes can cause the formation of intestinal gas - aerofagia -but they are loaded with fiber and are able to reduce cholesterol while protecting diabetics from the sugar rush .
The effects on cholesterol come from their gums and pectin , fibers that trap and prevents fat from being absorbed by the body .
Legumes contain the same kind of gum found in oats .
Legumes are a source of vegetable protein and carbohydrates are rich in fiber and vitamins and minerals

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