Chin- bar pulldown

Chin- bar pulldowns , rowings and sweater : all excellent exercises for dorsal , but do you find that you're constantly the same motions week after week ? Many of us get bogged down in routine, often without knowing it. We are doing pulldowns followed by the seated rowing , and then draw an arm with dumbbell rowing or to the bar in "T". This seems to be a good program for the back, is not it ? Well yes and no ...

Good reminder for your back musclesIf you consistently follow the same plan, session after session , you will eventually stagnate ( sooner than you might think ) and suddenly you stop progressing. So what ? For thick and wide lats, they must work from different angles . If you do the same workout for a while or if your back-end development stagnated , try adding the vertical circulation in supination your training to get you back on track . Add exercise quite different is an effective way to prevent and / or out of a period of stagnation . The vertical circulation is excellent hands supine to expand and broaden the lats. Taking up arms in supination anatomically stronger and less traumatic for the shoulder position. Compared to the neck drawing whose safety has been questioned by experts biomechanics, the vertical circulation in supination is a safer choice . Made in the real difference for some people is to feel their dorsal contract during training.
executionEnter a straight bar for vertical drawing hands in supination.Sit back and firmly engage your thighs under the supports of the dorsal pulley .Pull out the chest, arch your back slightly and lean back a little .Contract your lats and start pulling the bar towards the middle part of the chest, while exhaling .As the bar down to your chest, shoulder blades closer by pulling down also , and contract more your lats.Pause at the bottom , keeping the back-end power , then leave the bar slowly return to the starting position ( arms fully extended ) to stretch your lats, and repeat.Training TipsYou really focus on technique, representing your hands and arms as hooks for dorsal muscles that will do most of the work.Do not use the body to lower the bar .To seek stronger backbone and reduce fatigue forearms , consider using straps to tie you well .If you do not focus on the muscles you work, you will eventually feel more burn at the forearm and biceps , which obviously is not the purpose of this exercise .
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