Carnitine supplementation

Carnitine is a unique nutrient vitamin-like with a large number of applications such as:

provide energy
lose weight
Boost the immune system
Stimulate the mental faculties
Lower cholesterol, etc. .

It was discovered in the extract of the flesh of the musculature of mammals and is required for the biochemical function of muscle cells .

Features of carnitine:
It is not considered an essential nutrient because it can be synthesized in the body. In our body is in the heart , skeletal muscle, kidney, liver and brain. The organism synthesises carnitine from the amino acids lysine , methionine, vitamin C , iron, vitamin B3 and B6 .
It is found mainly in animal foods ( organ meats and red meats ) so deficiencies may occur in vegetarians ( vegetables and fruits do not contain the amino acids methionine and lysine ) .


Symptoms of carnitine deficiency:
Fat deposits in tissues
Fatty degeneration of heart tissue , liver and muscle
Fatigue and loss of vitality
Muscle atrophy and fatigue
Increased recovery time
Depression of the immune system
cardiovascular disorders
Reduction of protein synthesis

Functions of carnitine on athletic performance:

Should be taken before training.
Increases muscle performance: submaximal , maximal aerobic power , maximal oxygen consumption and production of energy in sprinters.
Promotes saving liver and muscle glycogen in exercise of long duration and high intensity.
Increases resistance preventing the appearance of "bumps " after 70-90 ' intake .
Less prone to injury and infection.
You get a shorter recovery time : reduces ammonium radicals produced by strenuous exercise , reduces the production of lactic acid, reduces the release of enzymes from stress and muscle pain.
To lose weight aerobic training plan : reduce lipid levels in the blood and other tissues .

How to use carnitine:
The recommended dose is 15-30mgr/día/kilogramo body weight 30 minutes before training and amino acid supplementation separate or protein shakes.
Doses above 3gr/día can produce diarrhea in susceptible individuals.
Some manufacturers recommend it together with vitamin C to prevent the onset of fatigue .

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