Almonds another source of calcium

Calcium is a basis for the formation of bones and teeth mineral that gives the hardness and consistency , but also participates in important functions such as the transmission of nerve impulses , nerve connection or blood clotting . While the reference food as a source of calcium is milk , other nuts as a higher content of this mineral.

And within this group , almonds stand above the rest , with a calcium content of 250 mg per 100 g; substantial when compared to cow's milk ( 120-125 mg/100 g). Although plant calcium absorption may not be as efficient , get used to eating more vegetables and less animal protein promotes the use of dietary calcium and its absorption in the body.
Autumn is the time of collection of almonds and other nuts, so you can take this opportunity to devise formulas and enter them in the daily menus: · Almond Sauce easily prepared with sautéed onion , garlic and a few toasted and crushed almonds. This sauce can dress from meat dishes like meatballs to fish like a stew of cod or hake . Add rolled , powder or chopped salads , vegetables , creams , biscuits, muesli or rice pudding for breakfast and snacks almonds. Along with hazelnuts and pistachios , almonds are the nuts rich in calcium , so a handful of this mixture is a good mineral supplement to the diet.

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