Vitamin D: a natural ally

Vitamin D is a very important feature , we can get it through food and sun exposure .
Its deficiency produces bone changes , dental disorders and metabolic disorders. Its excess leads to weakness, fatigue, headache , nausea , etc. . Besides the lack of vitamin D leads to other symptoms such as irritability , muscle aches , inability to sleep or stomach problems.

New scientific studies have shown it can help protect the body from other conditions such as cancer , type I and II diabetes , kidney disease , heart disease and high blood pressure.
The sun, an undisputed ally of vitamin D should be taken in moderation , sun exposure between 15 to 20 minutes is recommended. 3 to 4 times a week , depending on where you live. The sun should be given directly on face, arms , legs and back , free clothing , sunscreen and sunglasses, because it is also very important to the effect of sunlight received through the eye.
Sun exposure should be outdoors, as through a window, on cloudy days or in the shade does not generate sufficient and necessary amount of vitamin D.

- Foods and Vitamin D
- Related to the foods that naturally contain vitamin D are :

Oily fish , especially salmon.
Canned tuna and sardines .
Fish oil.
Cheese .
Butter .
Milk fortified with vitamin D.
Breakfast cereals .

Who is at risk for vitamin D deficiency ?

Elderly person .
Obese people.
People with dark skin.
People with limited exposure to sunlight .
People who have difficulty absorbing fat diet .
People taking drugs called glucocorticoids.
Terms of sun exposure : altitude and air pollution

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