Remove all fat from the diet

If completely eliminate carbohydrates from the diet is a wrong step , completely eradicate fat it is too.

There are dietary fats that besides being absolutely essential for the body to function properly, have the particularity to accelerate the process of burning body fat and strengthen the anabolic hormones.

You have certainly heard of the omega 3 fatty acid, a type of fat vital for the proper functioning of the body and has many functions , including active metabolic rate , which means that the body can burn calories more efficiently during 24 hours a day , but those good fats also promote the production of anabolic hormones , such as testosterone , whose basic structure is cholesterol.

So it is important to eliminate any source of saturated fat , such as animal , sausages , butter and cheese , preserves and fatty meats , etc. , but leave a gap to incorporate some foods that provide essential fatty acids, such as vegetable oils olive , rapeseed or flaxseed , fatty fish like salmon , sardines , mackerel , herring, and some avocado and nuts, such as peanuts, walnuts , almonds , hazelnuts, etc. .

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