No train heavy

I do not know because people you train hard and heavy to build muscle mass and when the time you defined comes passing train with light weights , like aerobics it were , that is used very little weight , do many series and many repetitions .

That's a mistake that costs them lose muscle , and slowing the rate of removal of fat . Heavy training induces growth of muscle mass, which goes against the body to use muscle as an energy source , and seeking to destroy amino acids into glucose . Is on , it showed that the increase in the ratio of lean body mass , or muscle, raises metabolic rate causing a higher calorie intake , or what is the same burn more body fat and prevents it from forming.

Moreover, apart from owning a higher rate of lean mass increases the metabolic rate 24 hours a day, even in the resting phase , we must also consider that intense weight training raises the metabolic rate during the session and it remains so several hours later, before returning to normal.

In summary the hard and heavy weight training to build muscle also favorably impact on the elimination of fat, so even in the definition phase Dealers Used all possible weight.

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