Leucine : protein synthesis accelerator

Basically amino acids are the building blocks of proteins , but play many other roles besides that , for example, activated regulatory protein in muscles that trigger protein synthesis and increase the size of the fibers.

Muscle tension , amino acid levels in the blood, particularly leucine, as well as insulin , are key factors in the development of muscle tissue and metabolic pathways that activate signals inside of cells that promote protein synthesis in muscle and slow degradation , accelerating the remodeling and repair.

Some biochemical substances called ribosomal protein S6 kinase and objetibo rapamycin (mTOR ) are important communicating molecules that are sensitive to changes in energy status and determinants in protein synthesis . Function as biological programs to align the amino acids needed to produce new muscle tissue.

Researchers at the Medical Division of the University of Texas, USA , have concluded that weight training after administration of a high leucine supplement communicating activated protein molecules that promote protein synthesis and muscle growth .

Leucine is an essential branched principal called , BCAA amino acid and therefore the use of these is very positive for bodybuilders.

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