Water as stimulating testosterone

If as it should be , you read publications like this , in which the information about nutrition is a cornerstone of its content , you know that water is a key element to ensure optimal performance and promote good health .

  The muscles have a water content similar to the body in general , about 70 %, which shows that it is the number one component .

  Athletes generally know that if they reduce their water percentage in only 2 % , its performance may decline up to 10% , which is scientifically proven . Supplements employ builders which have the property of increasing the intracellular content of water because it increases in volume, gain strength and accelerate protein synthesis .

  Not long ago has released a study in which there was evidence that ingesting 500ml. Cold water may accelerate the metabolism and consequently increase the consumption of calories and reduce body fat .

  Now he has published a paper in the scientific journal Journal of Applied Physiology in which it was found that those athletes who trained with a slight dehydration had lower testosterone levels , compared with those who exercised well hydrated . According to these studies , the low hydration increases the production of cortisol, a catabolic hormone that inhibits testosterone.

 So drink plenty before, during and after training to assure an optimal level of testosterone.

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