Tips to get the magnitude of muscle

21 ) Attack positive training : you do not go to your workout as an obligation to fulfill. Do it with heart. Attack each session with renewed enthusiasm , everyone who thinks you're closer you realize your dream of a perfect body . Enjoy.

  22 ) Avoid alcohol : drinking a beer from time to time , or a glass of wine with meals will not hurt anyone, but regular use of alcohol can be detrimental to your physique. It decreases your appetite and all it brings are empty calories .

  23 ) Relax : Stress and emotional stress are detrimental to your physical performance . Do not let the problems overwhelm you , get to work to solve them. Do not take your worries to the gym or get congested .

 24 ) Do not practice other sports : while trying to gain weight and muscle , refrain from other sports . You need all your energy for your muscles to grow . Once you obtain your ideal weight and size of your muscles is satisfactory , you can practice them.

  25 ) Do not let the slow progress frustrate you : everyone progress through periods of stagnation or even negligible , it is completely natural. In this cycle will progress another marked . Do not be disappointed and leave , because then it will be the end. Evaluate your program and if everything is correct that break will be temporary.

  26 ) Learn to discern slow progress of stagnation : when you do not progress , is it because you do not increase 2 kilos a month or gain 1 inch of arm? Progress can not continue without interruption , if so bodybuilders have 300 kilos , that would move thousands of kilos . Everything has a rational limit . If you can do one more rep with the usual weight is that your strength improves , if you increase 500 grams in a month is that you're stuck . Multiply that progression for 12 months and in a year your strength will increase considerably and have won six kilos and almost 4 inches of arm. Rate small progress .

  27 ) Change your program every five weeks : if you introduce slight changes in almost every session , as reps, sets , or weight used , the body tends to adapt to everything, so every five weeks changed your training program . The change will be a challenge and your muscles will struggle to adapt , that means growth.

  28 ) Do not use light weights : no use light weights to build strength and muscle.

  29 ) Use the progressivity : the muscle grows when having to overcome a resistance for a given time and if it occurs repetitively . This is easy to understand that you will make the muscle larger fight against resistance if you want to continue to increase its volume.

  30) follows a predetermined routine : muscle growth occurs as a consequence of repeatability therefore each group can be trained cyclically in time.

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