Tips during the exercise bodybuilding


31 ) Drink milk between meals milk is the best food for weight gain. It is the food chosen by nature for the growth of all young mammals. If you have difficulty gaining weight drinking milk.

  32 ) Moderation at the beginning: if you are a beginner or untrained take some time , do it sparingly at first , otherwise you risk to injury or overtraining . Even if you are trained , do light sets of warm up before tackling the really tough .

  33 ) Do not do too many exercises per group: one muscle group will grow faster as a result of heavy bombing based on only one or two exercises. A variety of exercises to a group during the same session does not lead to rapid gains in term of strength and muscle volume .

  34 ) Be nice joints : choose exercises that are easy on the joints . If you feel that some exercises are not comfortable for your joints review your technique and if execution is perfect and the feeling persists , stop doing it most likely will not fit your frame. Note that if you are injured you do not progress .

  35 ) Do not doubt yourself : not for a second doubt that you will get the perfect body or the body SpecialGym . Be gain muscle weight or fat loss have not doubt that you will. Your blind faith in the success you will achieve what you want.

  36 ) Mental√≠zate before your session : If you're feeling a little lazy before your session , seeks to prepare mentally entoces half hour earlier. Visualize yourself doing the exercises and do it positively .

  37 ) Minimize rest between sets : your workouts can be much more productive if you decrease progressively rest between sets. Reducing the time equivalent to increasing workload .

  38 ) Do not train after a heavy meal : at that time the stomach needs blood to the digestive process , but if you train , the blood will be required by the muscles so that the digestive process is altered.

  39 ) Do not underestimate any group : arms will grow if you train your whole body if you train only the upper limbs. When you train a group , the largest influx of growth is located there, but there is a part that affects the rest of the body .

  40 ) trains in a commercial gym : home workout is better than nothing, but if you have to train seriously progress where others do . The atmosphere of being surrounded by people with the same objective , size and strength, helps to train harder.

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