Role of physical activity in the treatment of obesity

Obesity is not always produced by only differences in lifestyle compared to non-obese .
For example, the active life and sports coincide with lower weight, but not the sedentary alone the cause of obesity cases . What's more, most sports like weightlifting or is accompanied by a significant increase in weight and bulk.

However, as a general rule, people , athletes look more dynamic and active than thin and sedentary .

- Physical activity as a therapeutic instrument faces , should not be taken in isolation. Should be related to two other elements :

The actual weight of the person .
The food you make.

Let us focus on physical activity , obesity as a tool , as a slimming item meets an attractive triple therapy :

Prevents the diet a single treatment center .
Decreases pressure and psychological control over eating . ( reduces obsessive behaviors )
Prevents or reduces the development of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, regardless of weight reducing diseases .

Is also an element of consolidation of weight decrease in the long-term prospects .

- Components of physical activity :

Sharp component : is the sports session itself , directly linked to the quality, duration and intensity is 1 single or isolated session or the full amount of a training program . The sharp component , wastes energy proportionally to the effort , but does not produce qualitative changes in the functioning of the body .
Chronic Component: if acute physical activity is repeated periodically with 1 regular and adequate intensity , the training effect is achieved . Through this body gets ( though not permanent ) lasting adaptive changes in the proportions of muscle and fat in the distribution of these characteristics and functioning. The chronic effect of exercise produces beneficial conservation and protection of muscle mass , in addition to aerobic exercise , muscle quality achieved favorably modifies the metabolism of the arteries , creating conditions that prevent the development of atherosclerosis . Hormonal changes induced by exercise especially correct metabolic abnormalities that accompany those obesities , in which fat is deposited primarily in the upper half of the body .

The most recommended exercises are long-lasting and continuous , rhythmic movements . Its effective implementation is achieved if the person attains a degree of aerobic training. The most effective are those in which the person must carry the weight on his legs , hence the walks , idle, or jogging are the most desirable , we must also consider cycling , swimming, tennis.

Its action on the weight is not as fast as the diets in the short term . Their results are visible in the long term , but no less spectacular .
Your practice must be supervised or guided by professionals to minimize risk.

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