Learn the strengths

1) Focus on every rep you do: there is no point doing the exercises mechanically . Feel the muscle working . Develop the habit of isolating yourself while doing a series.

  2 ) Train always at the same time : whenever possible , try to train at the same hour. Your body will get used to be exercised at any given time and automatically enroll all their might .

 3 ) Varies sets and reps : generally not be made less than 3 nor more than 6 sets for a particular exercise . The repetitions should not exceed 15 , but if we vary the number of sets and repetitions within these limits so that the muscle does not get used .

  4) Do not forget the leg work : leg hard work is very demanding, but instead affect the overall growth of all your physique. This large muscle activity and promotes increased respiratory and metabolic function .

  5 ) regulates carbohydrates : if you're the skinny guy with abs always visible and very thin skin , try to eat plenty of carbohydrates such as rice , potatoes , pasta and cereals. On the contrary if you are someone who are somewhat overweight , reduce your intake of carbohydrates and only take them at breakfast and lunch , or get fat .

  6) Protein is the key: the muscles are composed of water and protein , so make sure you do not miss the solid raw material with which to build them. When one does not grow, in most cases sufficient to increase protein intake . With only daily protein intake contributed by foods is not enough. Consume protein powder and tomato smoothie mid-morning and mid afternoon , with at least 30-50 grams of protein per serving .

  7) Do not miss training sessions : miss a workout because of a TV show and soon find valid any excuse to lose another . The results are harvested based on the continuity and repetitive stimuli .

  8) Train with progression : try progressing your previous performance , at least one exercise for each session.

  9) Rest between sessions : the muscles are stimulated during training, but recover and grow after while you rest . Try not to overdo physical activities outside workouts.

  10) Do not smoke : Smoking is injurious to health. Furthermore, negatively affecting appetite and destroys vitamin C in addition to impair the respiratory and pulmonary recovery .

I hope you will be helpful , comment and suggest . And do not forget to share !
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