Gain muscle strength

41 ) Warm muscles well : never start an exercise with a weight limit. The first series should be lightweight and comfortable to allow muscles and joints are prepared progressively as well as mentally you adjust the new movement . After this short period can bomb the butt muscle without risk of injury.

  42 ) controls the rate of each repetition : do not hit a weight pulling to raise much they weigh. Do not use inertia or sudden movements to lift a weight with the excuse that it is heavy. If you do this is because it is too heavy . Each repetition should be done with a uniform rate and controlled speed .

 43 ) Do not train your abs more than 3 days per week: the abdominal nerve affects a very important area . Exercising excessively that area can have adverse effects on muscle progress .

  44 ) Train with a partner stronger than you : the "use" of a sparring partner stronger than you can lead to great improvements in strength and volume. Need not use it at all exercises, but heavy seeks his help and his challenge. Unconsciously you pointed higher.

  45 ) Use compound exercises : to gain strength and overall volume nothing equals compound exercises . Isolation exercises allow you to use light weight and only affect a muscle or a muscle area , while allowing use heavy weights compounds strongly affecting stakeholders and providing an overall growth flow throughout the body .

  46 ) Train with good equipment : no need to train the latest technology , but it is clear that the more items you have the better .

  47 ) 2 replicates more : the last 2 reps of a set are the hardest to do, but also are the most effective . The remaining replays serves to bring the muscle to the threshold of fatigue , the last 2 generate growth.

  48 ) Break the mental barriers : if you do not look bigger and muscular hardly get that aspect . If every time you think of yourself , in your body , you look like you'll be putting obstacles in your mental development. Try creating a mental image in your head appears on the body you really crave getting .

  49 ) The intensity is the key : go to the gym day after day, to make a routine robotically preset not itself guarantee any results . One thing is up and down a weight and quite another train with intensity , this means that each repetition must be done with concentration, control and mental strength.

  50 ) Conclusion : there are no miracles or magic potions that guarantee success . The secret is to be consistent and applied to hard work. Maybe in these 50 tricks to speed the bodybuilding are not all the answers, but it can mean a clear vision of what you need to improve your results.

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