Fewer calories = more longevity

More and more research centers studying in depth the global, or specific nutrients, preventing cell aging diet. A lack of work with human, animal research numerous times caloric restriction associated to increased life expectancy, although the mechanisms that cause it are not exactly known .

Research has shown in experimental animals that a low calorie diet sirtuins , enzymes associated with longevity.

In fact, in the laboratory it has been found that a reduction in food intake extends life in a wide range of species and a low calorie diet has beneficial effects on various biomarkers of aging , such as decreased sensitivity to insulin, a precursor of diabetes that is associated with age and especially the reduction of the damage from free radicals. One of the ways to produce organic free radicals occurs when food is converted into energy in cell structures called mitochondria.

For years , are various research centers that seek to know in more detail the effect of diet on sirtuins , which would help the development of new therapies to regulate metabolic disorders and combat degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's.

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