Eating few times a day

When you are ready to get rid of fat regardless everything is valid , such as eating fewer times a day .
This error is enormous, because doing so is telling the body to preserve at any cost put your fat and burn muscle.

Numerous studies have shown that when the body goes many hours without food , starts the survival mechanism that preserves uncompromising stored fat, which is what sustains life , and instead the body sacrifices muscle tissue as energy source.

You have to do just the opposite , eating many times a day and in small quantities , so first because you are sending the message to the body that food is plentiful and therefore no need to preserve the fat. Another good reason is that every time we eat there is an expense that is called dynamic that comes from simply eating , ie the act of eating and digesting food also burns calories , so if the same volume of food as repartís in several occasions , energy expenditure will be higher.

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