Diet and diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder characterized by an abnormal increase in the blood glucose levels (hyperglycemia). This disease causes chronic and requires lifelong treatment .
The diagnosis of diabetes mellitus is simple when you have symptoms . Thus in a patient exhibiting an osmotic diuresis ( increased urination due to the presence of certain substances in the liquid filtered by the kidneys , increasing the amount ) and is hyperglycemia , the diagnosis is indisputable.


When a subject without symptoms have excess blood glucose in fasting conditions , the diagnosis is easy .
The problem arises in those without symptoms and with normal blood sugar, but they suspect diabetes. In these cases they are subjected to a test more specific fasting .

Nutrient inputs

Protein: The protein intake oscillate between 10 and 15 % maximum. Higher percentages are deprecated . In any case, the proteins must be of good quality , complementing those of animal origin ( meat and fish ) with vegetable proteins .
Carbohydrates: The percentage should be between 55 and 60% of the total energy . Regarding the type of carbohydrate should be mainly complex (bread, legumes , potatoes, cereals , pasta etc. . ), Leaving the simple discounted to the intake of milk, some dairy products ( low fat ) , vegetables and fruits.
Fat: The amount of fat that is advised by 25 and 35% of the total caloric value. The key to the intake is on the careful choice of the type of fat . Saturated fat should not exceed 7-8 % of the total energy , so that the milk fat should be avoided , fatty meats and dairy products ( sausages) and pastry products rich in coconut oil and / or palm. For what regards cholesterol , this should not come into the diet than 100 mg/1000 kcal amount . and never exceed 300 mg . / day , and cardiovascular risk should not exceed 200 mg . / day .
Dietary fiber: The inclusion in the diet, has shown many advantages in metabolic control in diabetes mellitus , the beneficial fiber content should be around 70 mg / day . . Overall the diabetic diet should contain a lot of plant foods to the detriment of animal origin.

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