Developing a diet plan

Food is important to feed the body and invest in good overall health . Maybe sleep over breakfast , work through lunch , you skip meals or snacks gorge yourself with not too healthy . Stress and fatigue associated with long hours of training and planning efforts sporting activities can cause food to become a source of stress , rather than being one of the pleasures of life. Given the current culture of the rush, eat well might seem more difficult than ever.

To develop a good diet plan must take into account :
    Eat three different food at every meal . The more variety of foods eat more vitamins , minerals and other nutrients will be consuming . Try to pick thirty-five different types of food each week , instead of the same ten or fifteen foods that can get currently consuming . You can do this not only eating bran flakes with banana, but different types of cereal , adding fruits- not just a turkey sandwich for lunch , but various types of bread and filling , not only lettuce in the salad , but lots of vegetables of different colors.
    Choose foods in their natural state . Unprocessed foods and what they are minimally processed have more nutritional value and less sodium , trans fats and other unhealthy ingredients . For example , oranges instead of orange juice, wheat bread instead of white bread, boiled potatoes instead of fries.
    Act with moderation. Instead of classifying a food as good or bad for your health , be moderate and try to follow a diet that provides between 80% and 90 % of food quality and 20 % or 10 % less nutritional richness . Thus, fries , soda , pizza , take place in a healthy diet, one must balance them with healthier alternatives during the day .

Although a well balanced diet is ideal for good nutrition , a diet must avoid linear, ie , banana , banana , banana , rice , rice , rice . Eating repeatedly makes life simple, but it can lead to improper diet and chronic fatigue.
When we go to develop a diet plan , diet must make a circle , in which two thirds is occupied by fruits, vegetables and whole grains , and one-third protein and foods rich in calcium.

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