Psychological stress

 Psychological stress can be of emotional origin . It is related to anticipation or imagination of an emergency . This type of stressor is induced by possible future events and controlled in part by the perspective of the person, namely internal or external. The effects are just as devastating as any other type of stress. When a psychological stressor causes physical symptoms , it is called psychosomatic illness . The disease has no organic cause and it can occur in a forced about choosing between two equally unacceptable alternatives than the other.

Unique stressors

However, the degree to which each of us is affected may depend on the intensity and duration of the stressor , as well as our perception of this factor. This disorder such individual may leave such other quasi indifferent.

However, some events seem to be stressful for everyone. In the 60's, Dr. Thomas H. Holmes and Richard H. Rahe developed their famous social rehabilitation scale to measure stress . In this scale , a total of 300 points in one year was dangerous and should be concern for the health of the individual. Thirty-five years later , we present our list of emotional stressors among practitioners of bodybuilding . Note that even positive events can be stressful .

Lifestyle , exercise , diet and enough relaxation can better cope with these events. It would be difficult to give a unique and simple solution to control stress but relaxing activities are undoubtedly at the top of the list, next to a food hygiene and daily sport.

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