Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements are foods marketed as capsules, tablets, ampoules , capsules, teas , oral solutions ... whose purpose is to supplement the normal diet . They are concentrated sources of nutrients or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect. They are designed to meet a specific need : digestion, sleep , weight loss, tone ...
These are not drugs so they do not heal . Their goal is to improve the well-being and maintain good health. Dietary supplements are not essential in sports nutrition . A varied diet can ensure complete intake of nutrients essential to good physical condition. The problem often comes from deficiencies in the quality of our food , which is often depleted or unbalanced diet. The frequency and intensity of training sessions and competitions can therefore increase the risk of disability.

Are there a risk to consume dietary supplements ?
It is recommended to take these supplements on a defined period following employment recommendations on the label length . The choice of supplements should also be based on demonstrated need . Consuming dietary supplements in excessive doses , without a healthy supply of basic or no real need is certainly not without health consequences . This is the problem of self -medication ...
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