Tips To Lose Weight

Goodbye to fat

You have beautiful align crunches and cardio workouts , your abs will still be hidden under the fat if the pizza and fries are the mainstay of your diet. If you want to lose weight , follow these 10 recommendations to clean up your diet.

Introduction to lose weight
Start with the basics: to lose fat , you must burn more calories than you consume , and that's all. To calculate the number of calories per day , first determine your BMR ( MB) : it is the caloric expenditure resulting from normal daily activities except exercise. Basal metabolism can be estimated with this calculation : the weight of the body multiplied by 25.3 .

Next, determine the number of calories you burn through sport in a typical day : a half- hour of weight training burns about 200 calories and half an hour of moderate - intensity cardio burns about 350 in high .

Add up your metabolism and caloric expenditure induced by exercise and keep your calorie intake below the value obtained . To calculate your caloric intake , you can help yourself to our table calories.

Spread your meals
Gone are the three classic daily meals ! Whatever the number of calories consumed each day , it is imperative to split equally between 5 to 6 small meals . Whenever you eat , the metabolism increases due to digestion and thermogenesis . On the other hand , by making smaller meals , you are sure not to overeat , if the excess calories will probably be stored as fat .

A cure vegetable

No, he is not eating fries while watching the football game , slumped on the couch. Vegetables are nutrient dense in other words, they provide optimal nutritional value associated with a minimum of calories. We are more satisfied and , therefore , less likely to eat all junk . Aim for five servings of vegetables per day.

think protein
For the metabolism is very active , it is important to lose fat and not muscle! Because muscle hypertrophy occurs through the amino acids supplied by the protein , it is essential to eat every day. Moreover, as the proteins degrade slowly in the intestine, they are effective against the tension of the stomach.

However, we will stick to lean protein sources such as chicken breast and turkey without the skin , tuna , salmon and lean steak. Warning: no abuse because excess protein can also promote fat gain .

The fibers against fats
If body fat has a nemesis, it is the fiber of 100% calorie-free , fiber absorbs water , and with leu volume effect , they create a feeling of " fullness " that helps curb appetite . The fibers also regulate insulin levels in the blood , which contributes an important factor in weight control . The best sources of fiber are its cereal products , legumes and oats . Try to consume 25-35 grams of fiber per day.

Good fats

Again, it is important to eat foods satiating effect when trying to eliminate fat. It is for this reason that a slimming diet must paradoxically include lipids. By cons , it is "healthy " fats, ie unsaturated present in extra virgin olive oil , oil seeds ( like almonds and cashews ), lawyers and soybeans.

Metabolism naturally slows down during sleep. The goal is to restart at the earliest, hence the importance of the first meal of the day. A high protein meal ( 20-40 g ) with complex carbohydrates (such as oats ) and fruit should do the trick . You can also add a cup of coffee to aid digestion .

Moderate sugars
We do not ask you to follow the fashion of the Dukan diet and avoided almost entirely carbohydrates. After all, the body and especially your muscles need to work! However, it should be consumed in moderation because they cause insulin secretion. As this hormone stimulates the appetite , we tend to eat more. In addition, the excess sugar is stored as fat. Try to halve your portions of carbohydrates: So half a bun, a half potato and half a plate of pasta instead of a full serving .

Also make sure that your simple sugars consumption should be limited exclusively to the post-workout meal .

More snacks
In any system that slips , the " suspects " are the same sugary sodas , candy , chips, etc. . If there is no harm in making a feast from time to time , it is imperative to replace these destructive foods with healthier alternatives: instead of sodas we drink water or diet drinks , a portion replace fried vegetables , and for dessert , choose fresh fruit cup ice or milkshakes .

Reduce calories gradually
As you know , to lose weight , it is necessary that the energy costs are higher than the input. For cons , the right approach is not to suddenly switch 4000 calories to 2000 calories.

A drastic reduction in calories may encourage the body to burn muscle for energy , resulting in a slower metabolism .

The goal must be to preserve the noble tissue ( muscle) and get rid of the unwanted ( fat) . An average person should not remove more than 300 calories per day in their diet .
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