Strength Exercises For Thighs

Purpose of the exercise
This training exercise engages and develops the entire body but is especially the thigh muscles and glutes. This is the king of bodybuilding exercise: "Those who do not are not Squat Strength" is a phrase we often hear from the mouths of bodybuilders.

Muscles targeted
The gluteus maximus, quadriceps (rectus femoris, biceps femoris, vastus lateralis and internal), rear thighs (half membranous, semitendinosus), soleus calf, abdominal muscles fixers, small and medium glutes, adductors, back (spinal, lumbar ) and to a lesser extent, the muscles of the shoulder girdle (shoulder, trapezius) to hold the bar.

Execution of the exercise
Standing, based on the trapeze bar, hands spaced shoulder width or more, duck feet ten hours ten, slightly wider apart than shoulder width apart and placed in the axis of the knee. Bend your knees and push your buttocks backward, right chest. Theoretically down until your thighs are parallel to the ground, but it is best to limit the amplitude if you feel you round the back or take off your heels off the ground. The bar goes up and down vertically without stops in the up position and rebounds in the down position. The balance is difficult at first, it takes time to master the exercise.

Inhale when lowering the bar and exhale as you go back to the starting position keeping your abs tight.
It is advisable not to hold your breath during the ascent, however this maneuver minimizes the risk of lumbar injury when the load is heavy. The blocked breathing and abs in the critical part of the movement sleeve trunk and protect the spinal condition of course keep your back straight.

Work safely with a footrest bar or squat rack. This serves to rest the bar between sets but also to raise the bar on media (candles) in case you stay stuck in the load lowered.
Beginners in bodybuilding must learn this movement using a light bar and increase the load once controlled exercise. It is better to learn in a room with professional state certified.
Check the items fitness section, including the dedicated Squat page. It contains many tips on this exercise.

Variations are possible by varying the position of the feet and the distance between the thighs.
If the legs are wide apart and feet placed duck ten ten hours will result in more work for the inner thighs (adductors).
If the legs are tight with straight legs seeking more vastus lateralis located on the side outside of the thighs.
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