Things that take advantage of the sport of bodybuilding

1 - the development of muscle size.
2 - increasing muscle strength.
3 - increased durability.
4 - increase the flexibility of muscles and joints.
5 - gives the body consistency.
6 - strengthen the heart, blood vessels, and the possibility of pumping a large amount of blood from each contraction.
7 - Reduce the risk of coronary artery.
8 - to change and improve the body.
9 - delaying the occupation of fat anywhere muscle.
10 - lead to a lifting speed of muscle representation.
11 - helps to control weight.
12 - a cure for obesity (unsatisfactory).
13 - a cure for the thinnest (unsatisfactory).
14 - delay and addresses of premature aging.
15 - makes you more energetic.
16 - improves mental state and Kmalk energy level.
17 - Director of tension and Mental fatigue.
18 - increased activity and alertness and improve mood.

Frankly bodybuilding does not give you the magnitude of muscular and athletic body only, but extends to the psychological state.
To see its benefits on the practitioner (bodybuilder)

1 - self-confidence: where we find a healthy player and Malk reflected power on his character where increasing self-confidence and rising level sports.

2 - charisma: should you noticed what enjoys's bodybuilding admired and respected wherever he went.

3 - Love rules: where commitment to a specific training program and the number of iterations and groups makes you tend to order in your life.

4 - Love Success: will result in success in the implementation of your sports program to save your determination to conquer the odds and not only in the training field but in all.

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