Smoking destroys the muscles and delay your progress

Gyms and smoking do not mix, smokers on average their muscles less than non-smokers, an article about smoking published in the Nouvel Observateur in mid-2008, which is of particular interest for smokers practitioners of the sport of bodybuilding, in fact, this article describes a recent study found that cigarette smoking, lose muscle and reduces the synthesis of proteins, which means the body's inability to use amino acids that form protein to build muscle, if the protein will fall we can conclude that the recovery will be much harder after strength training, which damages the muscle, which requires a great job of protein for re-hospitalization muscle. Cigarette smoking increases the enzyme myostatin, which hampers the growth of muscles, and increases the smoking rate of enzyme MAFbx, which works on the analysis of proteins in muscle and therefore has a Triple Action to reduce the progress, which reduces the body's ability to build muscle growth and increase their destruction. increase the participation of smoking in many diseases, he is now accused in facilitating the melting of muscle mass in old age, which leads to a rapid decline in the size of the muscle.

Published an international group of scientists Multi-researched and have discovered that smoking impairs daily replenishment of muscle cells and lose muscle vitality and cause disturbances to the nervous system, Baadaltousel to this conclusion, it was necessary to compare synthesis of muscle protein from a group of non-smokers, and a group of heavy smokers (at at least a pack a day for 20 years) to measure the composition of the daily cells muscle, has the scientists injected each group with a mixture of amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) and then proceeded to take samples to determine how they were processing many proteins that contribute to the daily maintenance of the block of muscle, The result was clear, Valmdkhnen were every day lower in muscle than non-smokers, and it seems that these experiments demonstrated that the harm tobacco is not on the lungs, but also on many other devices, such as tissues and muscles. Suffice it to say that smoking will help you to make progress in bodybuilding So if you want to progress in muscle mass significantly and quickly, so you have other reasons to quit smoking. smoke damage to the athletes: - Smoking increases the effect of nicotine on the activity of nerve and muscle strength.
- Affected the ability of the individual smoker in the restoration of healing after the effort, which goes on this period for friendly than if it were non-smokers. - Smoking affects the heart rate where the increase in smokers time to rest. - The low level of speed and muscular endurance and periodic breathing in smokers from non-smokers .
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