Performing seven conditions

Bodybuilding like any sport where techniques and tactics and movements depend on the ability of the player to show his body best and through the review on the podium in front of the audience and jury, where puts all his effort and the results obtained during the training period before the eyes of everyone to get appreciation and encouragement to achieve success and achievement who aspires to.

Technology review and without doubt one of the most important skills that sports must builder body that he knows even if he had the most beautiful body among the contestants and the competitors did not mastered this skill, it can undervalues ​​his body and be evaluated less than others.

To explain the situation of the traffic must review stages of the review on the platform which is in most competitions three rounds of review, namely:

First round:
From which to review the positions of the seven known for review are as follows:
1. (FrontDouble Biceps)
2. (Front LatSpread)
3. (SideChest)
4. (Back DoubleBiceps)
5. (Back LatSpread)
6. (SideTriceps)
7. (FrontAbdominal-Thigh Isolation)

Second round:
Round relaxation or as some like renamed round symmetry (symmetry naughty body right and left) that stands rider relaxed without tightening the muscles with individual arms slightly as in the first video Previous a four-way front and rear and sides of the right and left and this situation appears form muscle during relaxation and harmony body suit length with width ... Etc..

Third round:
Round free and this course by choosing the rider of music and rhythm and scenario and assembly who wishes to him and there creations real in this area and can return contestant Kofta through this round because they show details he wants to he shows his desire and his way and there are a lot of competitions and tournaments that take a prize for the best review.
It positions favored by many positions squat and individual one thighs and review Albaacepc and Arnold Classic toast and the status of Samson and assembly Crab - which translates into position grip cancer was known by Rooney often they appear large amount of muscle at the same time and collect full giving larger stunning Anthae review and many innovative methods in the review ..
As already mentioned the basic three rounds and all the contestants, of course ...

There are special tours for a final of 5 eligible for the top three places and during this round, which was called the pastedown

The Through this the five contenders review round collectively and to do another assessment in terms of sizes and compare them directly.

Important recommendations:
- Can not get the best position fit your body postures previous to practice and I mean that, for example, but not exclusively Baacepc dual front notes that some people grabbing arms back and some Aqosha forward that does not mean that one is wrong, but this means that both racers knew the corner better to show his body In this review so you have to try and train in order to know the situation better and shape optimization.

- Says a lot of the coaches that you have to train on the review of each period and the period and I say with all due respect to them that you practice review every day because in the review appearance of the results and defects and learning the best way and the best approach and arm the strongest and thigh biggest and calves clearest you have to take advantage of all that the review integrated.

- When the review should be the rider to ensure that the referees took their time to see all the muscles and he stands in the corner that allows them to see all aspects of the offer, especially as they down him on the podium and he has to take into account that as little Captain in the video and put the Association in the Supreme .
- We can not fail here the importance of colors and oils used to show curves and muscle depth and equipped before going to the podium.
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