The basic oat meal in the food program for most players and bodybuilding professionals ... especially breakfast, and a pre-workout meal because it can slow absorption and that gives you energy during exercise ...

This is a subject for oats

Benefits of oats

A favorite food for children, the sick and the elderly oats .. Lowers cholesterol and contradictory to the stress and brings sleep herbaceous plant oats around me like wheat and barley in Figure It usually grows between them and the seeds medium between love wheat, barley, commonly known public Balzoan usually says tares and Alzewan. Did not want the name of oats in ancient Arabic dictionaries not in the vocabulary has been known in the past under different names like Hrtman a Persian word and Khafor and Crdoman kind grown-called agricultural Khrtan or ID Khrtan.

The new word Chauvin fired in the last century on this plant. Oat known scientifically as Avena Sativa platoon grassy GRAMINEAE.

Original home of the oats is northern Europe and is now grown in all parts of the world and grown as a food crop and a medical and harvested oats usually at the end of the summer.

Part of the plant used oats: Seeds (seeds) and stems dry (Straw).

Chemical content of oats: Contains oat alkaloids (ALKaloids) and Sterolz (Sterols) and flavonoids (Flavonoids) and acid Sulaisak (Silicic acid) and starch (starch) and protein (Proteins), which includes gluten (Gluten) and vitamins, especially vitamin group B and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus and iron and sodium hydrate carbon also contains fat and hormone close Ajeribin (hormone ovarian) and beta carotene plus vitamin B b (PP) and vitamin D. vary chemical content between the types of oats normal and Turkish red and short and prophetic but basic materials and core are found in all species.

Oats in ancient medicine: in English Medicine said Nicholas Gulpeper world in 1652 that prepared from dough puff oats with oil useful in the treatment of itching and leprosy. Before that, in 1597, said John Genand world that Boukhat of oat stalks and leaves are good for skin diseases and possibly for rheumatism.

The Europeans are using oat stalks and leaves in Hmamathm as a treatment for rheumatism and bladder and kidney problems. Oats have been used in ancient medicine as a remedy for chest diseases, especially lung disease, chronic cough and was used useful Klsqat for gout and pimples.

The oats in modern medicine has proven scientific studies the impact of seeds and stems and leaves oats on some diseases and proven treatment and has large factories for the manufacture of products from multiple oats and its derivatives, has made the study of clinical demonstrated that plant fibers dissolved like that found in oats by 40 grams per day lowered blood cholesterol within two weeks to three weeks as published studies in scientific journals respectable explained that 3 grams of soluble fiber if you take a day lowered cholesterol by 5% in 1997 allowed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) company Quaker oats and other plants to add this claim on their food products from oats. . In another study demonstrated through the oats reduces the level of uric acid in the blood. In a study worked on the athlete in Australia, which has put on a diet custom of oats only for 3 weeks found that an increase of 4% from the leonine plant oats to food custom of oats for the athlete significantly influenced muscle functions in sports during the exercise.

There are many uses and rolling at the moment on derivatives oats but not scientifically proven, but the positives as good as the use of oats as an antidote to stress and insomnia, calming and sleeping Mr and tonic for the nerves and tonic. Also used Indians oats for the treatment of addiction opium derivatives, tobacco, and oats live bouts pebble urinary tract disorders and urine and unrelenting and calms the pain of hemorrhoids and doctors advised patients nerves, intellectuals and weary eating oats as well as diabetics and patients thyroid. Made from oats boiled for babies from equal amounts of wheat barley and oats boiled in a liter and a half of water over low heat until boiling one liter and add sugar and given to children every day before feeding.
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