Not affected by the other body if you're a beginner

I know it's very rare that you go to the gym is not affected by other body, where the magnitude of their bodies and their ability to carry heavy weights too.

But everyone of us has a special ability and a special force different from the others, so it is not important bearing sleeve, but it is always important to be careful on your continued bodybuilding exercises.

From there might be someone stronger to you, but that means he's better than you?, Of course not, but that means he has continued where they are a short period or longitudinal, but the most important is to continue.
You do not rehearse in order to be a hero in lifting weights, but only to improve the shape and strength of your body.

Try to get rid of worrying about how much weight you can or you can not drive.

Also see during the period of practice, some of the people practicing 6 or 7 exercises for muscle and only one, but this is mad
They always marvel and wonder why their bodies do not grow?

The answer is because they follow the style is Magdy, it may be that their bodies more harm than benefit them
You must be exercised 3 exercises per muscle max.

At the end of my talk I advise you to

1 - do not bother you carry, but cared only muscle workout constantly
2 - continue to insist on exercise, no matter how long period of time even if the year
3 - settled only three exercises maximum (per muscle).

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