Important tests with the use of steroids

In this article the most important blood tests to anyone who used steroids in the past, currently used or planned for use in the future.
Doping as we know have a negative impact on health, and increase the chances of many of the potential health risks, through an understanding of what is happening in your body and what impact will be able to reduce these risks to a minimum, and you'll have the opportunity to do any necessary amendment by test results.
Rarely are conducting these tests for bodybuilders, but I would recommend that each player build objects conduct these tests at least once a year.

There are three types of tests to be performed:

Tests before the chorus (the rest period or by the use of steroids)
Tests during the course (while using steroids)
Tests after chorus (after the completion of the use of steroids)

We will discuss each type and then explain the details of the various tests:

Tests before the chorus (the rest period or by the use of steroids)

Lipids-standard full Set
Full Liver Panel
Electrolytes, Mineral and Glucose

Are these tests before you start using steroids.
And are used: a reference to the basis of the nature of our bodies, verification of how the body is affected and the results of the use of steroids and to make sure that the levels returned to normal after the completion of use.
Use of these tests also to see if there was any possible health risks inherent can worsen with steroids, for example if you have high blood lipids and enzymes liver high, is not wise at all to start using steroids, but would be foolish start, you must make sure that all the results in the normal range and there is no problems. If it is, is taking personal decision if you want to start using steroids or not, we do not encourage the use of steroids in any form without medical supervision.

Tests during the course (while using steroids)

Lipids-standard full Set
Full Liver Panel
Electrolytes, Mineral and Glucose

And are examination after 3-4 weeks of starting to use steroids, and then take a closer look at the results, to compare the results with your results basic (normal), if you notice affected very body to rate dangerous, must stop the use and start treatment required.

Tests after chorus (after the completion of the use of steroids)

Hormones-steroids LH / FSH
Lipids-standard full Set
Full Liver Panel
Electrolytes, Mineral and Glucose

The most important thing here is to look at the male hormones, and to make sure that the levels close to the pre-session levels, Boukhat should not be the same, but as close as possible. It should also note a decrease in the level of liver enzymes and approached levels Alasaasah.

Now we will take a look at all of the contents of these tests by category and explain the important things.

Assays hormones Hormone Tests

steroid (male)
Name examination normal level
Total Testosterone 241-827 ng / dl
Free Testosterone 8.7-25.1 pg / ml
Estradiol 10-53 pg / ml

LH / FSH (male)
LH 2.5-9.8 IU / L
FSH 1.2-5.0 IU / L

Name of test
TSH .35-5.5 uIU / mL
Thyroxine 4.5-12.0 ug / dL
T3 Uptake 24-39%
Free thyroxine index 1.2-4.9
This Alachtbardobaa used to detect the level androgen person and see if they need treatment.
When you have a testosterone level naturally, but the top-level in the primary results of the examination should be up to the same level after dropping out of the use of steroids and before starting any other use. It is not enough to be just within the normal range.
Estradiol Estradiol is the active form of the hormone estrogen in the body, it is important to check during doping levels, the use of steroids is associated with higher estrogen levels, leading to side effects (such as water retention, fat, and breast growth Gaenkmastia any female character) , and the results of tests provides a good idea of ​​estrogen Kamihamadadat that need.

Each of these hormones are responsible for stimulating testosterone production in the testes, and sperm production.
Should not worry too much if these values ​​low during doping is of influence the natural use of steroids, since you take androgen external, stop the body's production of androgen procedure, and is what Abb atrophy in Khjm testicles while using steroids without Astkhmam antibiotics or Catalysts .
The results of the examination after the chorus, check the levels of LH and FSH and plug it with testosterone levels, if the levels for the LH and FSH high and the level of testosterone is low, it could mean that the testicles have not returned to its former size and need more time and processing after chorus PCT.

Results essential before using any doping is the most important tests of thyroid, has lifted doping levels of the thyroid glands slightly during use, but it is very unlikely that there is a lasting effect. If the levels of thyroid glands are still high after dropping out of use without showing any decline, you may need to check if there are any problems Algzh thyroid with your doctor.

Lipids (cardiovascular) tests

Standard Full Set
Name examination normal level
Triglucerides 0-149 mg / dL
Total Cholesterol 100-199 mg / dL
HDL Cholesterol> 40 mg / dL
VLDL Cholesterol 5-40 mg / dL
LDL Cholsterol <100 mg / dL
LDL / HDL Ratio ♥ .6

LDL / HDL Ratio Risk Assessment men women
1/2 Average Risk 1.0 1.5
Average Risk 3.6 3.2
2 X Average Risk 6.3 5.0
3 x Average Risk 8.0 6.1

Additonal Testing
Name examination normal level
C-reactive Protein <5 mg / dL
Homocysteine ​​(0-30years 4.6-8.1 umol / L
Men (30-59) 6.3-11.2 umol / L
Women (30-59) 4.5-7.9 umol / L
> 59 years 5.8-11.9 umol / L

Apo Ratio Testing
Apolipoprotein men women
apoB / apoA-I Ratio <.9 <.8

Apo Ratio Risk Assessment men women
Low Risk <.7 <.6
Average Risk 0.7-0.9 0.6-0.8
High Risk> 0.9> 0.8
Body fat testing is one of the most important tests that have to be made, it is known that steroid (reconstructive hormones and Androgyny) have a negative impact on blood fats, which increases the risk of heart disease and blood vessels.
Should monitor the results of these tests, and possible to increase these percentages Biskl slow, increasing proportions of each course, which increases the chances of cardiovascular disease, so one should be careful to keep the levels in the normal range health.
Standard Full Set:
The most important aspect of this examination is the ratio of HDL cholesterol with LDL cholesterol LDL / HDL ratio, where These Alnsphaltoazin reflect the deposition of plaque from LDL cholesterol LDL and remove from Alclaustroa good HDL in the arteries. And use this ratio to evaluate the risk of heart disease, especially with people who have cholesterol levels.

Additional tests:
C-reactive protein and homocysteine: Both additional important signs in the examination of the health of the heart and blood vessels. C-reactive is a key indicator of inflammation in the body, while homocysteine ​​involved in the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and blood clotting.

Full Liver Panel

Name examination normal level
Albumin 3.5-5.5 g / dL
Globulin 1.5-4.5 g / dL
Total Protein 6.0-8.5 g / dL
Bilirubin 0.1-1.2 mg / dL
GGT (Gamma GT) <50 IU / L
ALP (Alkaline Phospatase) 25-150 IU / L
AST (SGOT) 0-40 IU / L
ALT (SGPT) O-55 IU / L
We discussed these tests in our article (bodybuilding and the health of the liver), and will be discussed here again.
As we know many of steroids and private 17AA oral put pressure largely on the liver.
Enzymes ALT Alanine aminotransferase and AST Aspartate aminotransferase are the most important indicators that show how much stress is on the liver.
These indicators will be mostly mostly high with amphetamine users during use. However there have been cases where the values ​​of these natural enzymes although there are problems in the liver, and this calls for additional tests for other indicators.

ALP Alkaline phosphatase and GGT gammaglutamyltranspeptidase both enzymes cholestatic biliary recession, which means they stop the flow of bile bile (yellow green liquid is produced by the liver and helps digestion).
Results with the rise of these indicators suggest bile duct obstruction (cholestasis intehepatic cholestasis), which means that the liver is no longer a functioning correctly metabolism and transport of yellow. Probably happened liver toxicity to the liver of dangerous steroids.

Materials must be taken to support liver function through the use of steroids, and if indicators continue increasing with use, you must discontinue use, then reading the article (objects and liver health) for more information.

Examine muscle enzyme Muscles enzymes test:

Name examination normal level
Creatine Kinase 38-174 u / L

Is used enzyme creatine kinase Creatine kinase enzyme CK as a marker of muscle damage, and kidney and heart damage.
And can increase levels naturally with exercise-intensity and endurance higher, and that sometimes leads to the belief that there were problems in sometimes for the heart and the potential risks of kidney, so The best test of this kind is after taking some rest after exercise intensive to achieve better results. If results are still showing high levels must work other tests to make sure the health of the heart and kidney ..

Blood tests:

Name examination normal level
WBC 4-11 K / MCL
RBC 81-103 FL
Platelet count 130-400 K / MCL
Hemoglobin 13-17 g / dL
Hematocrit 40.7-50.3 (men)%
36.1-44.3 (women)%
This examination is a very common, mostly everyone received him. The examination shows look good for public health.
During doping, because of their impact on eythropoiesis, the number of red blood cells, hematocrit and hemoglobin concentration tend to increase. This has a positive effect on aerobic capacity and increase oxygen loaded in the blood, but an increase in red blood cells may cause an increase in the thickness of the hematocrit blood, which increases the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Kidney tests:

Name examination normal level
Uric acid 3.0-7.0 mg / dL
Creatinine .5-1.5 mg / dL
BUN 5-26 mg / dL
BUN / creatinine ratio 8-27
Measured in this test three of the primary waste products that are Afrazha and filtered by the kidneys. And high levels indicate that there may be a serious problem in the kidney, and tests are taken again, especially to make sure of that.
Where some of the results may not indicate a real risk, for example eating a high protein raises nitrogen urea in the blood, and to bodybuilders eat a large amount of protein, so you should not worry about this indicator significantly, especially if a not combined with other indicators rises.

Electrolytes, Mineral and Glucose

Test Name Name examination normal level
Sodium 136-146 mEq / L
Potassium 3.6-5.2 mEq / L
Chloride 98-109 mEq / L
Bicarbonate (carbon dioxide) 21-30 mEq / L
Phosphorous 2.5-4.5 mg / dL
Calcium 8.5-10.5 mg / dL
Iron 35-185 mcg / dL
Glucose (fasting) 70-110 mg / dL

If there is a problem with fluid and Alaketrolitz balance, will appear in the results of this examination, although it may be due to something as simple as an imbalance of sodium or potassium, but it may also reflect the more serious problems such as kidney disease.
Glucose level is good to see many health conditions such as metabolic syndromes, diabetes, and diseases of the pancreas, liver disease or kidney failure.

Prostate tests:

Test Name
PSA, serum 0.0-4.0 ng / mL
PSA Prostate-specific antigenPSA is a protein produced by prostate cells. High levels indicate cases of benign prostate hyperplasia or prostate cancer. May cause some steroids prostate enlargement, and if the problem list before you can use it with aggravated use.

This is a summary of the most important tests that must work with users of steroids. I know it may be difficult performance always, most of the players build objects Tfranjn, and these tests may cost more than the same courses!! And there are a lot of other expenses such as gym memberships, materials treatment after the chorus, eating, and supplements. No wonder that many or most of the bodybuilders examine only if the problem begins to emerge. But prevention is better than cure, you do this Alvhsosat at least once a year, will be assured on your health, and will address any problem if found in its early stages, and that will save you a lot of money and health.
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