Importance of sugar cane juice

sugar Cane juice quick and easy absorption and useful in cases of thinness and strengthens bones and activates liver and resists constipation and increases the secretion of urine leads to purification internal body and expels more toxins as that drinking sugar cane juice earns one degree of psychological comfort, calm, explaining that the secret of it is due to be sugars in it works to increase the composition soothing natural substance formed by the brain is "serotonin" seratonin, which leads to increase the capacity of man to bear difficult situations, such as distress, anxiety and stress and fatigue, a feature of life now. Therefore, a cup of sugar cane juice a day can bring to one's life a little calm to avoid pressure and adapt to a reasonable extent.

Also used in the production of molasses, which proved effective in the treatment of diseases of the stomach and fatigue resulting from a lack of lactic acid and carbonic in the tissues of the body. This rich molasses sugars, iron and potassium, which described him for heart patients and diuresis. As for patients with liver disease, sees expert food Egyptian that cup sugar cane juice gives human energy and vitality, because it is high calorie so described for the faint structure given in cases of fever associated with poor appetite, especially among children also uses sugar cane juice and other liquids sugary in feed acute hepatitis patient? cirrhosis?, because the patient feels relegation, wasting and often dizziness, but should take into account the patient's liver, which also suffers from diabetes, you must adjust the insulin dose in this case
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