Fruits Food bodybuilder muscle development

Many bodybuilders overlook fruit, one of the best food groups for muscle development

Many bodybuilders believe that fruits are fattening. This is however not the case if you know which to choose, when to eat and how much.
Most practitioners know they should consume simple sugars before and after their weight training sessions - and many of them use sugar in their protein mixtures as well as in other forms of supplements pre-and post -workout. Overall, these products contain glucose and dextrose are excellent sources of simple sugars for training. Often, bodybuilders avoid fructose because this form of simple sugar is more easily stored as fat than other carbohydrates. Then to abandon the fruits because of their fructose content, there is not one!
Yet what many bodybuilders do not know is that the fructose content varies markedly from one fruit to another. Many fruits are low and they are full of other important phytochemicals (beneficial for bodybuilding micronutrients) that can only be found in almost any other food source. The problem associated with the consumption of fructose is also sometimes overestimates. When you eliminate the fruits of power, it not only removes the fructose and other sugars they contain, but at the same time, beneficial nutrients that contribute to muscle development.
Here's what to know about fructose, which consume fruits, when and why to put on your plate.
FRUCTOSE: MYTH AND REALITY What is wrong fructose? If the fruits are bad news is that they contain this simple carbohydrate that our body does not degrade in the same way as other sugars of the same type.The fructose is not used directly by the muscles, as c This is the case of glucose and dextrose these two simple sugars are readily converted into muscle glycogen, the storage form of carbohydrates in the muscles. When they contain a lot of glycogen recovery and hypertrophy are facilitated and the performance has improved during the next meeting. Glycogen also gives the muscles that bodybuilders looking rebounded as appearance.
Against by, when there is input of fructose, the isomer of glucose must first pass through the liver to be converted to glycogen. The problem arises when liver glycogen stores are full: fructose is converted to fat and helps to increase the size of adipocytes. Since it is often difficult to know when the liver glycogen stores peaked, many bodybuilders are choosing to completely avoid fruit. In fact, such an extreme measure may be counterproductive because overshadow the fruit back to forego the valuable nutrients they contain.
The best time to eat fruit is in the morning upon awakening. At this time of day, the rate of liver glycogen is low because the body has used this fuel as an energy source during sleep. This also means that the body will supply energy to muscle protein degrading. When we eat fruit at sunrise, it gives the body an alternative fuel source which helps to stop muscle catabolism.
Other conducive to fruit slot: 30 to 60 minutes before the workout, especially if you do not eat carbohydrate for several hours. Fructose will fill liver glycogen, thus ensuring a supply of glucose to working muscles and sparing muscle glycogen. Another advantage is that fructose does not block fat during exercise as does glucose. The following the end of the session slot also lends itself very well to the fruit: it is still preferable to be the richest fruits in glucose fructose. Glucose is more easily set aside in the form of glycogen and it will raise insulin levels, thereby ensuring better muscle development more effectively. To find out what fruits to select these different times of the day, see the table "picking fruit."
"MORE" FRUITS Many bodybuilders pros already know the benefits of the fruit. "I preferred as the main source of simple sugars," said Mustafa Mohammad. "I eat two for breakfast, usually bananas, but sometimes orange or kiwi." They are still consumed by Mohammad fruits as sources of simple sugars before and after his weight training sessions. "I eat before and after my workouts because I am of the opinion that it is necessary to consume mainly foods to meet nutritional needs. If I use supplements like protein shakes, is for convenience or when it is more difficult for me to swallow solid food. "
Muhammad noted that consumption of fruit has other benefits. "They whet my appetite so I eat more," he says. "When I diet, it is not always easy to swallow whole chicken and rice all I need to maintain my muscle mass while trying to lose fat. I find that I can eat more chicken if I also take a fruit with the meal. It is this sweetness that helps me to improve my diet. "
Mohammad also uses fruits for more tone. "When I feel tired or lethargic, I eat one or two fruits with a protein food. As there are fibers, I do not care excessive elevation of insulin: fruits are digested slowly enough that this effect does not occur. The fibers also slow down the rate of digestion of proteins, which provides a continuous release of amino acids. "Mohammad said that when lack of energy, the liver glycogen stores may be low, in which case it should not fear that fructose is stored as fat.
IN SUMMARY As some actors, fruits are not entitled to the respect they deserve. Too many bodybuilders exclude them from their diet because they are wary wrongly fructose they contain. While we do not suggest to binge, which would only overload and liver glycogen stores may increase fat mass. On the other hand, do not eat fruit would be a mistake: their nutrients, fiber and simple sugars, good for building muscle will help you progress in your bodybuilding provided that consumption is consistent with the recommendations of FLEX. FLEX

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