Best fruits to amplify the muscle

There are lots of kinds of food that contain high levels of sugars,

But during the training you need a lot of nutrients

That are balanced in terms of nutritional value and low in sugar harmful,

The solution is a fruit, and there are a lot of types of fruit that is very friendly to those who want to amplify muscle and lose weight.

Banana fruits that contain carbohydrates, it is in the breakfast restores storage Djilakojin your muscles diet, which is also very useful to restock energy in the muscles, which is a great source of potassium, which reduces muscle contraction.


Lots of scientists that cranberries and addition of antioxidant Amadadat especially frozen it also is present in abundance in supermarkets, benefiting from the body is much to burn fat and produce the necessary calories for hours of training.

When you ask any player to build muscles where you get the necessary vitamin C you say orange, but there are kiwi He has loads of large and antioxidants that help to burn fat during exercise and vitamin C necessary for the body.

Bellows of studies have shown that apple peel contains Albrelik acid which increases the burning of fat as well as increased muscle blocks, with low levels of sugar, but the only drawback is that the more fruits that retain pesticide residues than other fruits.

It fruit contain a large amount of protein and up to 13 g, according to Keira players build muscle, and also a large amount of fiber, which is the main source of fat heart unsaturated unilateral sense useful, you can drink it or eat it directly through the Authority.

Watermelon is very important for the acids it contains, it is useful to build muscle and amplified because it improves blood flow and allow more food and stimulant to blood, which works to recovery, and also helps to relax the muscles in a very healthy way.
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