Arnold schwarzenegger the bodybuilder

Is the best of March bodybuilding at all "so talked about Joe Weider spiritual father of bodybuilding in the world .. Many consider him the form full of what must be the human body .. is the man who dazzled the world for decades his body .. Then bedazzled the world for years Other films who made them, and still dazzle the world his performance so strong political and arrival for the office of Mayor of the City of California .. the man who owned all forms of power, the power of the flesh, the power of fame, and then the power of money .. and finally the power of politics.

"I do not think that no one got the raw material for strength as obtained by this man," This was an expression has been on the lips of one of the commentators during the elections the U.S. state of California, which Arnold succeeded in winning it three times in a row.
"I think that when we look at Arnold Schwarzenegger and achieved all we wish to become one of the players bodybuilding" Thus spoke the last commentator.

That "myth physical" as they call it, which almost achieves all wished for man on earth may Scurry than just a boy of fifteen years old when he entered the gym for the first time did not know where muscle biceps as he admitted before that to the owner months muscle Bai in the twentieth century through the philosophy and unique style in the use of the mind before the body to stimulate the growth of muscle, as the saying Arnold Building muscle real be through the mind and focus on the performance of the movement before it is through the exercise hard, listened to him which tells about his experience and says: When I started the exercise as a teenager in 1962, was a bus last of the "prominent" place, which has a gym, who practiced it to my house in the "shawl" kicks off at seven in the evening and the exercise was ending after the seventh of this I ride my bike home after each exercise, and because my hand has always been anaesthetized strong of exercise you often lose my ability to control the bike fall on in the ditch beside the road, was a sense of fun to sit in this hole with my hands hurts .. Was Lady Hurts to the extent that I could not comb my hair the next day but I am glad you realize that that pain means that my muscles grow.

After Li to open a big world, and after becoming a leader .. I discovered I could make myself a person who always wished to be .. By focusing and exercise, I can realize my goals no matter how tough look .. When it became the largest retained enthusiasm not only for bodybuilding, but to life itself, just applied opinions and decided things in my career has had a basis in the sport of bodybuilding.
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