Why not increase the size of your muscles?

Why not increase the size of your muscles?
Many of us may face a general problem is that after a period of training there is no significant increase has been up with some to leave this game in the beginning before it initiated.
This is to ask themselves one question is:
Do you play the right way and help the muscles to grow?
But exclamation comes (How can I help my muscles to grow)?

And the answer is:
1 - enough good training to stress the muscles to grow.

2 - adequate nutrition and sound, according to which the body all the necessary (protein - fat - carbohydrate).

3 - Most importantly: the number of hours of sleep enough for the renewal of energy in the body, the number of hours of sleep should not be less than 8 hours a night,

And benefits:
1. Regenerate blood cells.

2. Increase muscle: increase muscle between the hours of 4 to 5 am and the wisdom of the Creator Almighty secrete liquid hormones in the body called growth hormone (GH) and is responsible for changing the damaged tissue and increase muscle and increasing the length of the hair of the chin and head.

3. Should be hours of sleep a night, in line with the saying Come (and made ​​the night to Passau made ​​us the day pension) should not be watches throughout the night and sleep in the morning and then want to increase your body and your muscles.

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