Trans fatty acids

vegetable oils that have been processed (hydrogenated) into solid fat.
Advantage: Food manufacturers love this fat cheap. It extends the life of food products and makes smoother or crisper, but, in fact, trans fats contribute nothing good.

Disadvantage: they may improve the taste, but the point of view of health, they are catastrophic. Recent studies show that trans fatty acids increase abdominal fat. A large number of studies also establish a link between trans fat and clogged arteries, cancer and diabetes. Creates the danger of man-even prevents the body to properly utilize essential fatty acids omega. Worst of all practitioners for bodybuilding, trans fatty acids may reduce the absorption of amino acids, thus limiting muscle mass and accelerate muscle breakdown.

Quantity: Zero! Avoid fried foods, industrial pastries, crisps and biscuits. If in doubt, check the label.
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