The nutritional value of milk

The nutritional value of milk

Milk drink nutritious and full of interest but can be consumed with grain, and prepare hot and cold beverages such as chocolate drink, different types of milkshakes also can be used to prepare many different sauces and foods.

Milk is an excellent source of protein, minerals and many vitamins, especially vitamins from group B such as B2. As for vitamin B12, it only exists in the Food Animal such as meat and milk, for this, the milk is an important source of vitamin 12B especially for people who do not eat meat, in addition to that, the milk provides the human body with vitamin A is essential for healthy skin and is essential to see the sound in the dim light.

Milk and dairy products are the richest source of calcium in the diet. And absorption of calcium from milk well by the body.

Low-fat milk contains the amount of calcium in the milk, but the content of fat and calories to be few.
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