The importance of water for bodybuilder

Water plays a crucial role in the performance
Water is essential for athletes, especially in hot and humid. A hard drive in such conditions can easily cause a loss of water up to 2 liters, which will result in a drop of about 10% of the performance. It is at this point that we begin to feel thirsty. Water loss of 3 liters is equivalent to a decline of more consistent performance, about 25%. Naturally, the performance of athletes who do not drink during prolonged and intensive training will be most severely affected.

How the body loses water it?
The elimination of the clearest water is in the urine. A small amount is also eliminated in the stool. Even if you do not sport, it loses almost a daily liter of water through the skin and lungs. Exercise can easily double this loss through perspiration and respiration. It is through the evaporation of sweat that the body dissipates heat that accumulates inside the muscle activity: he can maintain a constant core temperature.

What are the consequences for water loss?
When you do not drink enough water, the body reacts in three ways:

Decrease in plasma volume (blood)
Decrease in interstitial volume (water between cells)
Decrease in intracellular volume (water in cells)
Like muscle contractions require complex reactions between minerals (such as sodium and potassium), decreased volume of water can affect the concentrations of electrolytes, resulting, for example, muscle cramps. In addition, due to the reduction in blood volume, the body is more difficult to remove excess heat and the heart is forced to work harder.

The soft side muscles
You think your big biceps consist entirely of protein dense. In fact, they contain a lot of water. The liquid portion represents approximately 60% of their weight, even if you have arms of 54 cm. Not only gives you the water volume, but it is the essential mechanism of transport of nutrients, metabolites (breakdown products) and internal secretions (hormones, for example) to the tissue recipients. Water regulates body temperature by removing heat to the muscles and conveying to the skin to cool the body through evaporation of sweat.

How do you know if you drink enough water?
A good way to know if you are drinking enough water is to check the color of your urine. Urine pale yellow, almost colorless, can be a good sign, a yellow or brown urine, and a strong-smelling urine indicates that you do not drink enough water. We should all drink at least 2.5 liters of water per day. Even the smallest water deficit can induce fatigue or get sick.

Preparing for training
Athletes often have problems because they dehydrate negligence. A practitioner of bodybuilding needs adequate fluid intake that his kidneys are functioning normally. This should not be a problem for bodybuilders, but the intake is more difficult for runners and runners who must also take into account temperature conditions. Some recommendations:

Drink 2-3 glasses of water two hours before exercise
Drink 2-3 glasses of water 10 to 15 minutes before exercise
Drink regularly during training
Drink 2-3 glasses of water at the end of your workout and 1 hour after training
Sports drinks better than water?
It may be that practitioners of bodybuilding and other athletes prefer sports drinks to water because they taste better (which means they probably drink more), and they can replenish losses glucose and electrolytes. But do they improve performance? According to numerous studies, water is perfectly adequate for a workout that lasts less than an hour provided with a pre-workout snack rich in potassium and sodium (like a banana and some pretzels). This snack will provide you with potassium, sodium and sugars that the body will need during the effort.

If you exercise vigorously more than one hour per day or in extreme conditions, one begins to lose more electrolyte (mineral) that the body can not afford. Sports drinks then prove to be a good choice in endurance events, they provide the carbohydrates to avoid blood sugar to drop, which creates additional energy and delays fatigue and allows power complete the training. Take a sports drink which contains 6% or less of carbohydrates, so that the absorption is more rapid. Beyond this ratio, the drink will take longer to digest and can cause stomach cramps. Cold liquids are absorbed faster than warm fluids.

Can you replace water with other beverages?
It may be that you are consuming enough water simply because it has no taste. While most of the liquid (as water that contain fruits and vegetables) count in your daily consumption, they also contain components that can slow digestion. Soft drinks tend to fill the stomach and it is therefore difficult to drink enough. If you drink coffee, energy drinks or teas that contain caffeine, you take a diuretic that actually leads your body to eliminate more water. Plain water is what works best because it contains no sugar, no caffeine or other compounds that may act on the brain or body. What happens if you drink tea, coffee or an energy drink? You cause excessive stimulation of your nervous system and at the same time, you dehydrate the body because of the powerful diuretic action on the kidneys, which increases the production of urine. It is primarily for this reason that you can drink sodas x cans per day and never thirst.
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