The importance of the banana fruit for bodybuilding players

What are the benefits of banana for bodybuilding players ..??

Not without any diet for athletes or bodybuilder from banana fruit
Because these fruits have a significant impact and significant benefits for athletes and bodybuilder private.

Bananas contain three natural sugars and these sugars useful bodybuilder:
1 / sucrose
2 / fructose
3 / glucose

A banana gives high energy in the Exercise of the bodybuilder, where it has proven study
However, if eating just before bananas Sports Exercise, it could increase the power of energy
When sports that would practice for a sufficient period of up to 90 minutes.
Energy is not the only way a banana for the athlete, but gives health and sports activity and often
Fiber in addition to sugars that give sports strength and energy in the Exercise.

Benefits of banana fruit:

1 / helps to get rid of anemia because many athletes suffer from anemia and this
Cause a lot of headache sensation in Exercise 2 / boost brain power because fruit bananas contain the element potassium.

3 / helps to calm the nerves because bananas contain a range of B vitamins, which
Help in the process of calming the nerves.

4 / helps maintain weight and weight reduction for those who suffer from obesity
5 / maintain stress in athletes is because bananas contain potassium making the heart beat per minute balanced which helps in the process of exercises.

6 / gives athletes in high-energy workout.

7 / contains elements such as magnesium, potassium and vitamins.
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