Reasons not expect cause weight gain

Will not be surprised to increase your weight when you eat more calories higher or take exercise less
But you'll notice when you find an increase in weight and you did not change your lifestyle The same calories and the same effort if you're surprised we invite you to follow-up article to know the reasons behind it:

- Sleep deprivation:
There are two counts of sleep problems and weight gain. The initial problem intuitive When the watchful late is only natural that the hungry and eat snacks which means more calories.
The second problem: to deprive you of sleep leads to hormonal changes increase the sense of hunger and increase your appetite when you eat do not feel you are hungry!!

Stress and tension:
When life demands intensify resist our bodies to stay alive .. Secretion of the stress hormone "cortisol" which is responsible for the increased appetite .. It thus becomes the stress and tension associated with eating high-calorie foods .. Which provides a fertile environment for weight gain

Some medications cause weight gain:
Psychiatric drugs and drugs used to treat migraines and medicines for diabetes and pressure drugs may cause weight gain. Consult your doctor before changing your medication.

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