Push-ups of the most important exercises fitness exercises

The exercise Push-ups of the most important fitness exercises any athlete and is considered exercise mother for sport because of the first exercises that have been invented, despite its simplicity and ease but the benefits are too many for the body and a lot of athletes neglect and marginalize its role and they do not know how important that when exercising exercise Push-upsTrain 6 muscles important and essential in your body.

Learned from muscle the exercise Push-ups:
1: the entire muscle triceps
2: front shoulder muscle
3: rear back muscle
4: the entire chest muscle
5: front thigh muscle
6: calf muscle

The benefits of exercise Push-ups:
1: renew the blood circulation in the muscle cells
2: strengthen nerves
3: Building muscle fibers which helps large muscle
4: helps to stimulate the heart muscle

Many studies have been conducted and proved that continue to exercise Push-ups for 40 continuous enough to completely change the shape of your body and increase muscle size significantly

Types of exercise Push-ups

1: Push-ups wide
2: Push-ups tight
3: Push-ups High
4: Push-ups with closed fist
5: Push-ups with one hand

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