Pre-fatigue the muscle

You happened to start a session pectoral and you see that after a few repetitions, your triceps are no longer able to follow? Your chest that are supposed to be the goal of your training are then relegated to second place. How to avoid this frustrating situation? Here is an effective solution: the method of "pre-fatigue".

An isolation exercise to start
To address this specific problem, start your workout pectoral by an isolation exercise that solicits these muscles (exercises apart, for example) so as to préfatiguer before moving to the bench press (compound exercise). Result: your triceps will charge while your pecs have already made a certain amount of work. You will have the ability to inflict their maximum impact by making your rounds until failure. You do not have to worry that your triceps exhaustion forces you to complete your set while your chest still have resources.

Most muscle groups respond well to the principle of pre-fatigue. Unfortunately, the pre-fatigue method is not perfect for all muscle groups. It is not particularly good for biceps, among other things, because there are few compounds that are useful exercises for that muscle group. In this case, instead of performing an isolation exercise followed by a basic exercise, it is better to choose a modeling exercise such as concentrated curl for biceps préfatiguer, it will be followed with curl heavy bar.

Both technical training pre-fatigue
The first is to conduct several rounds of isolation exercise préfatiguer chosen for the targeted muscle group. Then continue your workout with polyarticular or exercises of your choice.

The second technique is to introduce a pre-fatigue exercise program supersets: for pectorals, we will make a series of apart with dumbbells, or the pulley on a machine, then immediately will chain a series of flat bench by example or inclined dumbbell. Another example for the quadriceps, perform a series of leg extensions followed immediately by a series of squats with the bar or a series of leg press (the second option is more secure).

For best results, care should be taken to simply préfatiguer large muscle groups and not to exhaust completely. The idea is to weaken them so they surrendered sooner than expected: it is not to solicit the point they are too exhausted to do an exercise arthritis. On the other hand, the technique of pre-fatigue should not be used routinely on the contrary, it must be within the framework of an approach to high intensity training over a period of two weeks. Allow at least four weeks before you embark on a new phase of pre-fatigue.
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