Peanut for strong muscles

- Helps to maintain the health and flexibility of blood vessels will prevent the deposition of cholesterol and blood vessels that cause blockage.
- Raise beneficial HDL cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol
- Peanut oil is used in massage paralyzed muscles and diseased as it increases the weight and muscle density.
- Helps to develop muscles and fed, and strengthen the nerves that feed the muscles.
- Stop the bleeding for the presence of a high percentage of calcium, which helps the blood to clot.
- Reduces the level of sugar in the blood in people with diabetes.
- Helps to increase mental activity because it contains a high proportion of protein, phosphorus, and vitamins B1, B2. 9
- Nourishes and strengthens the body.
- Several studies indicate its influence to prevent the types of cancer that affects the muscles.
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